Theory Tests, Blood Tests and Equine Nutrition Tests!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013
Today I have done absolutely nothing, I slept in this morning not getting up til lunch time because I was feeling rough, (my nephew had a stomach bug when I went over to stop last week and I think I've got some of that) and when I did get up I spent time doing last week's work on my Equine Nutrition course and tomorrow I will start this weeks, unfortunately this is the last week but then March 25th I'll be starting a photography course!

My mum had to take my Brother to have some blood tests as they want to keep an eye on his white blood cells (I think) and she tried to take him to our local blood test clinic in the morning but they changed their starting times, so she was taking him to our main hospital in the afternoon and as my Dad was at work and my Uncle was away today I said that I would stay in and look after Nan. She slept the majority of the time other than when her phone rang and then she woke up. Just before my mum got in she asked me to make her a boiled egg with toast and butter and then a cup of tea, I'm starting to get pretty good at making cups of tea and also at making boiled eggs, speaking of eggs, I really fancy one maybe for my breakfast tomorrow? Tomorrow my Nan  has to have more x-rays and go back to the fracture clinic and then on Friday she has to go in for the entire day to have a whole load of more tests run and to see the consultant so maybe this will give her some more answers and make her feel happier to get out of bed and sit in her sitting room, but who knows? Not me! 

Today Fiona had the area representative from Pony Club coming out to the stables to check that she had got everything in place to be able to start doing pony club. Then Fiona's got to order some things in and after this Pony Club should be starting soon, I'm so excited and really just can't wait to do it and get to learn more. Gatsby's got the chiropractor coming out to him soon to check that  his back is okay and then when we know whether it is or not, Fiona is going to look at getting him a new dressage saddle. Which I think will be fun to ride in. I've got a lesson on Saturday and Jamie-Leigh should be back in our group lesson as I think she'll have done her exam by then!

In other day to day news Friday I will be booking my Theory test and for the past week each night I have been doing an hour reading the highway code and doing some online tests. I've been passing the online tests for the Theory, but I also need to remember to practice 'Hazard Perception' tests as I think that this will be my downfall so tomorrow I am going to look some up online and give them ago! 
Now I'm back off to read a book.

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Blogger friend that needs help

Tuesday, 26 February 2013
I have got a friend that needs help, she wants to find her Percheron (I hope I spelt that right) a new forever home. He has a bit of a fear problem and would need some help but if your interested or no anyone that is interested please go over to her blog :)

Click Hear to go over to Equine Journey's blog

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New Chaps

This is only a quick post about my chaps as I just don't really feel like writing a long in depth post.
Make : Loveson
Size : Large  (I have big calfs) 
Type : Half Chaps 

I do really like them I have tried them on today and they fit really well, they are just a little bit stiff but I am sure that, that will change during the riding that is to come. I've shown them my nan and she seems to like them. The fur does make a difference and make them feel a little bit warmer. I really can't wait to try and ride in them. I chose the chocolate brown ones as the ones that were supposed to be 'black' weren't black. So here's some pictures :) 

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Just as you think things are getting better they prove not to be.

Monday, 25 February 2013
On Sunday in the Early hours of the morning my nan took another fall, while she was trying to go to the toilet, (she has an en suite so it wasn't a long way for her to walk but she went all dizzy and then fell), and as she has a small compact bathroom she hit her head on the side of the bath. Today we had the Doctor out to see her and he was worried with the fact that her blood pressure drops so low when she stands up and when following the doctors finger when looking to the right her eye was jerking side ways but not to the left. So he said he wanted her to go in to a Day case unit and have a whole load of tests including a brain scan, blood tests and chest x-rays. He wrote a cover note/letter and my Uncle took my nan to the doctors. While she was there she had an ECG, blood tests and chest x-rays but no brain scan which was the most important one that she needed. They then told her that her blood pressure was fine but it was her heart that they were worried about. She never had a brain scan as there was 'no reason for neurological investigations', which makes no sense to anyone in our family because this is the one that Dr Reagan wanted her to have the most. She's come home tonight but has got to go back in at some point next week I think. So today, because I wasn't in school I have been attempting to help my mum to look after my nan and get the things done that she needs to get done. 

I also went with my Mum, (whilst Nan was in hospital) to a Saddlery that I love, and bought some new Chaps because my faithful 5 year old chaps decided that the strap wanted to snap on them that goes under the boot, so I have bought some chocolate brown, fur lined, Loveson half chaps, I've never had loveson chaps before but will be doing a product review at some point in the next week about whether I like them, if they are comfy and if they are good to ride in. Has anyone else had these half chaps?

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Canter work is really coming on

Saturday, 23 February 2013
Today was my last riding lesson of the holidays before I go back to school and then will only be riding on Saturdays again but I will be trying to get up on occasional Mondays to help Elaine out. I started off by grooming Gatsby and surprisingly he wasn't that muddy again, is this a sign that spring is around the corner? But just as I was getting used to that idea it started to snow, turning Gatsby's back from black to white, it soon stopped with only occasional flakes of snow. Because he was so clean I decided that I was going to attempt to plait his tail, that didn't last for long and really didn't work so in the end I gave in and just tacked him up, one day I will be able to plait his tail just not today! 

I started off by giving Gatsby a good ten minutes on a long rein allowing him to stretch and warm his muscles up before gradually picking up the contact and bringing him into a nice outline with a forward going walk, although I think that it could still do with a little bit more energy. I did some work on both reins and then moved on to doing some nice trot work, I let him have a bit of a longer rein to allow himself to get his coughing out the system that he tends to do and get his breathing sorted. I then did a fair bit in rising trot, making sure that it had a bounce to it, and that he was really listening to the leg. I then moved on to the sitting trot and this is where I have to be careful because sometimes I lose the impulsion that I have built up. Then I  moved up to doing the canter work, the first one I did on a 20 metre circle, I ended up asking at three different points on the circle because he kept falling out of it. Fiona then said evenutally it would be nice to be able to get him to canter in an outline but that wasn't the aim for today. Then I asked for him to canter and we went down the longside and as if to say 'stuff you' he cantered in an outline down the long side of the school Fiona, my mum and I were like :O WHAT?? We did quite a bit of the canter work building up to being able to do a full lap of the school which was great. I really feel like my canter is coming on in leaps and bounds. Gatsby was soon starting to anticipate what I wanted him to do and was trying to do it before I asked him to, even though I was asking in different areas of the school. So we then switched it up and decided to ask for a canter at either B or E. He wasn't expecting this but picked it up really well I was a bit like wow Gatsby! He's turning out to be such a nice horse, and so well behaved. I then finished by giving him 10 minutes walking on a loose rein allowing him to really stretch and cool his muscles down. He was then being used in the next lesson. 

The last time I had seen the girl that was going to be riding him she was really nervous, but today said that she wasn't feeling as nervous, she looked a bit but also sounded and talked in a more confident way. But it didn't help that the mounting block that we are using is starting to fall apart. When she stood on it and was getting ready to ride Gatsby the mounting block gave way. Now most of you know that Gatsby tends to be inpatient but for once he stood nice and still waiting for her to get on. We then decided that we would use the blocks that we use for the jumps to stand on and then get on that way. Fiona held the block so that it wouldn't move while I held the stirrup and held Gatsby's reins at the same time so that he wouldn't work off.

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The Makings of a Dressage Horse

Friday, 22 February 2013
Today was my own a pony day with Gatsby at West Hallam Riding Centre, I had such a good day and a real laugh with all the people that were there. There was four of us on the own a pony day and Fiona was there but Elaine wasn't there. We started off by mucking the horses out I did Gatsby and Soly's Stable and took all the mess out and then in both of them we were putting them in a new bail of Sawdust (can't think what it is actually called), We did this quite quickly and again I put 10ibs of Haylage in his stable and did a 14ibs haynet of Haylage that was ready for him for tonight and will go in his stable later, Fiona, Jamie-Leigh and I then swept the yard as the other two girls that were there were a lot younger and quite small. We had a break and had something to drink and then went onto fetching the horses in Jaimie-Leigh and Fiona bought in Fussy and Hazel, then I bought in Rosie and Fiona bought in Corrie (I think), while we were doing this Jaimie-Leigh and the girls bought in Rocky and Dixie (two Shetland Ponies). During this time Gatsby had come down to the gate to be bought in, Fiona went and grabbed Rascal and Gatsby and then handed Gatsby over to me and Rascal over to Anne, we put them in their stables and then decided that we would have lunch and start back again at 12:00pm. 

After Lunch originally I was going to be doing Gatsby on my own and then Anne was going to be doing Rascal with Fiona but Rascal decided to be a typical man and get all grumpy and mardy which made Anne quite nervous, so Fiona said to come and talk to me and I'd help her with the things she didn't know about and she could do Gatsby. With Gatsby being bigger than Rocky (a pony) at 17hh she said she'd like to pick his hooves out but they were to heavy, so I picked his foot up and held it for her and then she picked his hooves out and I explained to her about getting all the mud/stones out and making sure to miss the Frog and she did really well! Fiona then trimmed Gatsby's tale as it was starting to get really long, and then we put some conditioning spray on his tail and then I brushed it all through she then showed us how to plait his tail for if we were doing a show on him. 

Then I tacked him up and was the first one to ride so got on him. He was really good, I rode for about 40 minutes and moved Gatsby making sure that he was stretching and really warming up and then I bought him up into an outline and got him really moving and collected. We then moved up into trot and got him moving and in an outline again we started doing rising and then moved on to doing sitting. Once he did some really good work, I put him on a long rein and walked him round for about 10 minutes. Anne had decided that she wanted to ride Gatsby but was really nervous, so Fiona asked me if I would put him on a lead rein and walk around next to him so that Anne didn't get to nervous and got to know Gatsby as she is quite small and Gatsby is 17hh so he is a lot bigger than anything that she is used to riding. He was really good but kept looking at me as if to say 'why are you down there and not riding me? What's going on Amber??!'. Anne had injured her leg so didn't want to do any trot work she just wanted to walk so I bought Gatsby in to the middle and Freya kept working Rocky in the trot. However at one point we all got nervous because Rocky got a bit excited and by accident Freya cued for the canter so he moved up in to canter and Freya lost both of her stirrups BUT she did NOT fall off she stayed with him and the minute that Fiona shouted stop to Rocky he did because he is used to Voice Commands. Then we did another couple of laps around the school at walk to cool Gatsby down and the girls got off. Anne then asked me to explain about how to undo Gatsby's tack and put his rugs on so I showed her and explained it to her. We then put him back in his stable and it was time to come home :). 

 Now I am back at home my mum and brother have gone to see the new die hard film, but it wasn't my cup of tea and nan was going to be at home on her own (if my dad was late back) which he is! On Monday my nan had a bad fall in the evening her arm became swollen and quickly discoloured but she didn't think that she had broken it so didn't want to go to the hospital. On Wednesday Mum told her enough was enough and rang the doctors, the doctors said she had broken it and was to go straight to Derby A&E she wasn't happy and really didn't want to as her dad went in for what was a routine procedure and never came back, but my uncle took her, and she got a backslab cast put on her arm because she had broken her wrist in several different places, her blood pressure dropped low and she had to go on an IV drip, it then came back up so she was discharged, yesterday she had to go back to the hospital to make sure it was in the right place they said all was fine and she got a blue cast put on it and has to go back in a week to make sure it's healing right. But now she doesn't want to be in the house on her own so someone has to be in at all times. 

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Riding Teacher's Advice

Thursday, 21 February 2013
While I was up at the stables yesterday, I decided that I would ask my riding teacher her opinion of the car verse horse situation. She agreed with my dad for a few different reasons and here they are: 
  1. If I don't have a car how can I get to my horse, I would constantly be relying on other people to take me there (as there isn't a bus root from mine to West Hallam), so if Mum OR Dad couldn't take me then I wouldn't be able to get up! :( 
  2. I'm going to University this September and am going to be doing a foundation year and then a three year photography course, so whilst I would have ALL summer, time would be come pretty tight after this and the horse wouldn't get the attention that they truly deserve, and that's not fair at all on the horse. 
  3. At the moment in time my stomach is in a good place, it's not hurting as much, I'm not on as many tablets and it's making it so that I am really able to concentrate on working hard, BUT I can't guarantee that my stomach's going to stay like this, it's only recently that it's settled down and before I get a horse I need to know that it is going to stay calm and at a minimal amount of pain! 
I completely agree with EVERYTHING that Fiona, Elaine, and my Mum and Dad have said and like Fiona said 'it's hard and horrible to be sensible sometimes but it's for the best in the long run', and I still have Gatsby that I can ride whenever I want to and that I am going to be doing pony club with. So I am never going to be short of a horse to ride, so with all these things in mind I have decided that the car will come first and the dog later.

Today after getting back from my sisters I've spent looking at different Mini's ideally I want a manual Mini One either Petrol or Diesel but Petrol is cheaper, and it would be a 2007 reg. Based on these facts I went online and looked at and looked at different prices for insurance, firstly I did it all in my name as a learner driver with no second driver, it came out as costing £989.10 which is a lot cheaper than the first figure that I got. I then thought I would look at what it would cost to do it using my Mum as well so that she was a driver on it and this changed it to being £1300 roughly, can't remember the exact figure, but my mum's insurance allows her to drive another persons car with their permission. So she's said that I wouldn't need her as a named driver on my insurance. 

Tomorrow is my own a pony day and I will also spend time telling you about my nan who's had a bad fall recently, but that's going to be a post that will take a lot longer to write.

I'll tell you more tomorrow. 
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Naughty Gatsby PART TWO

Wednesday, 20 February 2013
So this afternoon I went back up to ride Gatsby, I spent half an hour grooming him because before he decided to play he had a lovely rolling session in the field, so while I was doing this Fiona was lunging Romeo and Susan was lunging Fussy, so I had the whole yard to myself, then when they came back up I went down to ride Gatsby and Fiona held my stirrup while I got on because with him being so big I didn't want to get on him on my own because the mounting steps aren't that tall, so it can be quite a jump to get on him. The minute I got on him you could tell it was going to be interesting because he didn't want to stand still I had to do my stirrups while working round and attempt to do the girth while walking but that was pushing it too far so I told Gatsby to stand still and stop being a bugger while I did his girth up it took me three attempts but then he did eventually stand still, naughty pony. I did some warm up work but he was getting faster and being naughty so moved up pretty quickly to doing the Trot work, I spent a while doing rising trot and then when he felt chilled out a bit I moved on to doing sitting trot work but I also made sure that he spent the majority of the time working in an outline, because I had the school to myself I decided that I was going to do a bit of leg-yielding but when trying to do this he just kept running through the reins, so I made him do one good one then really made him work by doing some shoulder in, but I varied this doing it down the side near the walls then the quarter/three quarter line but also I did an exercise where you go down the centre line and for the first half you do shoulder in one way then you bring him back to being straight and do shoulder in the other way, and the entire time he stayed in an outline! I'm probably not describing it to well so there will be a diagram drawn for the post tomorrow. I then put Gatsby in his stable untacked him and rugged him up and then gave him his night feed and he was very polite. 

Straight after that I came over to my sisters, as I am stopping here for the night and Brody wasn't very well and was very clingy to my sister but then eventually he let go and came to play with me we had a McDonald's for tea and then just chilled out watching T.V and having a laugh and we also had chocolate. Brody was so funny with the chocolate he kept picking up the chocolate and grapes and just giving them to me and we couldn't stop laughing it was just so funny, we watched some more TV and then decided that it was time for bed. 

That's all for now. 
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Naughty Gatsby

Today there will be two posts for all my lovely followers to read the first one is based on this morning and the second one will be based around the riding that I do in the afternoon and boy is that horse going to have to work hard!

This morning I was up at the yard for 8:30 we started working sweeping the yard and then we were mucking out stables we did Fiona's four horses including her competition horse to start with and then I moved on to doing Rascals, Solomans and Gatsbys stables, and I'm sure Gatsby knew I was coming so thought he would be a pain and make his stable a million times worse than normal. I also learnt how to weight haylage when putting it in Gatsby's stable which I loved learning how to do it as never have I had to do it before. Then we had a really nice warm cup of tea to warm us up as were just a little bit chilly. Then it was time to bring in the horses and they were crazy today, the first horses that we were bringing in were Soloman and Romeo well they got told off for charging at us and not wanting to stop. Then when we came to bring little Rosie in she had got herself stuck so we had to manage to get her out of where she was stuck we did but it took a while! Then it was time to bring the boys in (for those of you that don't know this is Gatsby and Rascal) and Rascal was dead chilled out, Fiona said cause of how muddy it was I was to stand by the gate and take Gatsby off her when she'd got hold of him! Well the little bugger decided that he wanted to play, a foot off him he decided to start bucking and rearing and biting and prancing. He then bit Rascal and got him playing up too! We stood and let Gatsby chill out and thought he was calmed down, he came trotting down to the gate and I went 'aww are you coming to say hello to me', and he realised that he could undo the gate so he undid the gate and stood next to me I went to grab his rug (he'd got no head collar on as he wouldn't let Fiona put it on) so that I could just take him up to his stable like that, but he didn't want me to do that. He decided to run past me and run up to the yard luckily the gates were all closed so he couldn't get on to the road. Every time I almost got hold of him, he sodded off again, and then I thought he was going to go in to his stable, he did and he went and stood there as if to say 'I didn't do anything', I look so sweet and innocent and Fiona had got Rascal and she went 'Gatsby you little shit, you'll be in trouble when Amber rides you later' and the look on his face was priceless! Then it was time to get the Shetland ponies in, their field is next to the boys field and had seen Gatsby playing up so they decided that they wanted to buck about and rear too, but they were little so they were easy to get hold of. 

Now I am at home about to pack my stuff up for going to see my sister and stopping at hers for the night, so I get some quality time with my sister and her boyfriend but the best bit is I also get to spend time with my little nephew and I Can't wait!! But before that I'm going back up to the stables and am going to ride Gatsby and get some of his excitement out of his system! He can chill out but he is going to work damn hard! 

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long day

Tuesday, 19 February 2013
Today has been another long but fun day, it was today that I was going to be going out with some friends that I've known since I did my first work experience over 3 years ago and S was horse mad and just starting her lessons at parkside. Today we decided to make a day out of it and just have a laugh and have fun and the majority was a real giggle, so I'll get the bad bit out of the way first. We were driving a long the motorway and D was driving and there was a lorry on one side of us and on the other an AA van, and D had to slam his breaks on because this van started to swerve towards us and if D hadn't slimmed his breaks on the van would have drove into the side of us, but in the process their dog Tammy (who sits on the back seat) was slammed into the front passengers seat, the poor little pup. Other than that we had a good day we had a drive around the countryside and then went to this really nice fish and chip restaurant that I love and I love their chicken nuggets and chips. Then we went to one of my all time favourite places... A TACK SHOP! I bought myself a fuzzy lead rope to use when showing Gataby and D and S got me a step and store box, it does what it says on the tin, you can stand on it to reach horses that put their heads in the air but in the inside there was room for brushes and all sorts of horse stuff. This was an early birthday present, and I loved it, it will deffo come in use.Then we sat in Chatsworth and had a look at all the deer there was so many of them!

After that I came home and just chilled out as I was just so tired. I put some of the horse bits and bobs that I have got for my riding in the box and watched Eastenders, I love that show but other than that I haven't really done anything. Tomorrow I am back upto the Stables at 8:30 til 12 to help out and am then going back up again at 4 so that I get to ride Gatsby, it's going to be another good but tiring day, so I am going to head to bed so that I have plenty of energy tomorrow.

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A Girl With A Dream

p.s. my nan also had a nasty fall and might have broken her hand so my mum's ringing the doctors tomorrow and going to get a doctor to come and check on her and if he says it might be broken she is then going to try and force my nan to go to the hospital,  her wrist is two or three times the size it normally is and is completely black, she can hardly do anything so it is kind of worrying what she has done but I will let you all know tomorrow :)

Yard Day

Monday, 18 February 2013
Today was my day to go up to the stables and help out and I loved it. It's going to sound so weird but I really don't dislike mucking out stables, I started on Gatsby and probably spent the longest in his stable or maybe Solomans because they are both so messy, you'd think they would know that the hay that they have put in their stables is for them to eat not to take out of the hay net and then put it in the floor and play around with it. I really wonder where horses get these ideas from, maybe it's to imitate how they eat in the wild I really don't know but I would love to know. When we'd finished doing the stables (I did four of them) we then we swept the yard, so that it looked nice and neat and tidy for when the people riding came at 2pm. We then bought in the horses, Gatsby was so funny when we started getting ready to bring the horses in, he walked down towards the gate and he was getting all excited that he was coming in but because of the way that the horses get put out he is the last one to come in (other than the Shetland ponies).  When he realised that he wouldn't be coming in straight away he wandered back up the other end of the field and wouldn't come any closer to the gate when it was his turn to come in. I think that mine and Gatsby's relationship is going stronger because he now follows me around the stable and even when he's got a head collar and lead rope on if I drop the rope by accident I know that he will keep walking and go where I want him to.

My plans for this week have changed and they include more riding, Fiona text Elaine while I was there this morning asking if I would like to come and help out on Wednesday morning and then go back up at 4:00pm to ride Gatsby, I think you can all guess what I said, a massive YES! So I'll have more horse time and will also get more riding done this week. 

As I was aching quite a lot this morning as I have got to get used to doing work again I just spent some time reading everyones blogs and watching some mindless television this afternoon, tomorrow I am off out for the day with some friends :) 

Until Next Time 
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Sunday, 17 February 2013
I hate them, this all started yesterday when my dad said that the money that I had got could buy me a decent mini as I love mini's and really want one, my instant reaction was NO that money is meant for my horse riding and for me to be able to buy my own horse! My mum then said to my dad that he should have known that, that was the reaction that he was going to get from me. However I then started to really think about the idea, a mini would allow me to go different places to do with riding and not have to rely on mum or dad or fit around my brothers schedule, it would then mean that when I did have my own horse I would be able to get to it. So I started to look around on the internet at used mini's as there is no way that I would be able to afford a brand new one, and I saw a few that were a reasonable price and that I liked the look of but then came the problem the Mini one is mainly a 1.6Litre Engine, which would be over £1000 in insurance, so I started to look for a Mini One 1.4Litre I then looked at what these would be on insurance and it went from being £1359 (roughly) for a Mini One 1.6 Litre Engine down to £1185 for a Mini One 1.4 Litre Engine but it was still expensive so then my dad suggested that I looked at other cars but here is the problem I don't like other cars they don't interest me unless they are really expensive and fast cars like Mercedes and there is no way that I will get that for my first car, so I looked at Fiat 500 and a Nissan Micra while the look of these are all right and they are fairly cute they're not what I want and what I like. I went off the websites and just spent some time on facebook and thought about it and came up with this conclusion. Fiona said that roughly to be able to buy a horse it would be between £4,000 and £6,000 for what I want, a decent Mini would cost me between £4,000 and £6,000 so why should I make the decision now? I am going to keep saving and make the decision closer to the time because at the minute while a car would be nice I don't need one and while a horse would be nice I financially can't afford one. So I'll keep saving and hope that my business takes off and I will make the decision closer to the time and closer to when it is more realistically possible.

While I am not good at making decision I think that I have managed to make some good decisions about what I am going to do, I need to be sensible and look at the bigger picture not just what I want, but what I need and what is realistic and affordable, so let the savings continue! 

As it is half term my schedule is a little different to normal but it means that I get to have more horse time, tomorrow is a good example of this as I will be up at my yard by 8:30 and helping out there til 12pm, which I am really looking forward to and think that it will give me a good chance to learn new things that I don't already know. Here is my schedule though.

Monday:- Helping out at West Hallam Riding Centre (my riding school) 
Tuesday:- Out with Friends and in the evening doing some of my Equine Nutrition Courses. 
Wednesday:- Possibly seeing my sister and doing some more work on my Equine nutrition course 
Thursday:- Swimming 
Friday:- Own a pony day from 9-2 then time to chill out and then go to a youth group.
Saturday - Lesson with Gatsby 
Sunday - Rest day.

And somewhere in between all of the that I also need to do some art work I will probably start doing this tomorrow.

Until Next Time
A Girl With A Dream :) 

Switching Sides.

Saturday, 16 February 2013
You might think that this is a bit of a weird title post but by the end of this post it will become clear what it means. But before we move on to the riding part of my post, I'll do the everyday part. 

To start with my mum had to take my dad to the doctors as he has been having a stiff neck and back and finding it really uncomfortable to move, they've referred him on to a physiotherapist. This afternoon I accompanied my mum on a business appointment. Early in the week she made three special hand made wedding cards for a family and the wedding invitations needed to be sent abroad so she only had two hours from the start til the end of the project.  They said that they would ring her back and sort out doing the rest of the cards. Today we went back to the same family and sorted out what we were doing for the bulk majority of wedding cards and then what we were doing for the other 10 Special cards for the same wedding.

Now on to the riding, today I think that my riding went really well, we were originally going to do some pole work as well as canter work but decided that instead we would focus 100% on working on the canter and by the end I was so happy with how much it had changed. To start with as Fiona was the only one on the yard she left me to work in Gatsby, warming him up, while she put away the horse had that just been used and put his rug on. We then moved on fairly quickly to doing some trot work to start with we did rising trot and then moved on to getting a firmer seat in the sitting trot and keeping Gatsby in a really good strong outline. We moved on to the canter and to start with just did half a circle then a full circle and moving on to doing a long side of the school which was something that I thought I wouldn't be able to do so quickly. This is where the switching sides came in, my good side was always my left side, but today it was my right side. On the right rein I was able to keep my inside leg in place which made us able to have a really nice smooth canter transition however this did not happen on the left. On the left rein my inside leg was moving backwards and forwards causing it to act like an outside leg, so this is something that I am going to work on really hard, I want to be able to keep my left leg in place like I can keep my right leg in place. It was so frustrating because I knew what I was doing wrong but couldn't change it instantly and know that it is going to be something that takes time to do but eventually I will be able to. If it wasn't for Gatsby I wouldn't be the rider that I am today and I couldn't ask for more from him. We finished on a good note by going back on to the right rein and I did half a circle and then did a full straight side that was calm and collected. However not only have I switched my good side so has Gatsby because we both used to be better on the left. Now when we try and canter on the left Gatsby becomes disjointed, his front legs pick up the wrong lead and his back legs pick up the right lead. This means that when Riding him I have to over exaggerate the way my hips are so that he goes off on the right lead. I am so happy with how well Gatsby and I did. Jaimie-leigh wasn't riding this week either so I had full use of the school to myself and he was just such a good boy. Ohh I almost forgot another thing that I am going to have to work on with him in the canter is that when doing a circle he tries to escape to the outside, so I need to remember to keep my outside leg on and strong and have a good contact with the inside rein. We had some really good work with Gatsby in an outline in both the walk and the trot, and I would really like to be able to maintain the canter in the too, and I know that eventually that we will get there, but for now I am just so happy with the progress that we are making.

Another new thing with me is that the past week I have gone back to really watching what I eat as I would love to lose weight. Last year I used 'MyFitnessPal' but then got fed up of doing it however now I have put the app back on my phone, and am making sure that I don't eat more than 1100 calories a day. For the past week I haven't found this hard and was actually eating less than 1000 calories. Let's hope that I can keep this up and now onto some photographs.

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Just A quickie

Friday, 15 February 2013
Hey guys today has been a long day and for some reason at this moment in time I keep going in to really deep sleeps during the night, but then when I wake up in the morning and all I want to do is carry on sleeping however the good thing about me going into a deep sleep is that I don't have nightmares or any dreams at all. Which is good as it means that I am not waking up several times in the night. 

Today has been fairly uneventful and I am too tired to write in detail about what happened so here is an overview. To start the day off we went and did the food shopping, then I washed my hair, which just seems to be getting brighter and brighter. It was then time for sixth form and I had to write down what Evie was having for her meals at the sixth form ball because she has decided that she is going to the ball after all. I had double English and then this evening I just went to a youth group, Evie said that she was going to give me a lift back and at 9:00 she decided that she was bored and because of this we dropped off her other friend Emily and then me and her went for a drive around.

Tomorrow is a Gatsby day and I just can't wait. 

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A Girl With A Dream

Happy Valentines day and complications

Thursday, 14 February 2013
Hey guys,  

Happy Valentines day, I hope that you all had a good day. I've been trying to think of a really interesting horse post that is something different to my everyday horse posts, I wanted it to be something unique but so far I haven't been able to decide what so if there is anything that you would like to see that is different to the normal things that I blog about then please let me know! 

Today hasn't been the best of days, my mum had got a hospital appointment so I said that I would go with her because I had a lesson and then I had a free, so instead of going into Art and then coming home I didn't go in to sixth form until later in the day and went to the hospital with my Mum instead. To start with when we tried to park the car we found that both of the car parks were full, so we had to wait for 15 minutes for someone to leave the car park so that we could park the car. We were then waiting for her to see the consultant, and it was a nightmare, we waited for half an hour before asking how far behind he was running and how long it would take til it would be her appointment, the first answer that we got was he was running over an hour later, then it was 40 minutes and then this changed to 50 minutes. The nurse just couldn't make her mind up how long it was going to be, so mum said that she had other commitments and that she would have to rebook it, Mum and I then went with the nurse to do the booking form to book a new appointment and the nurse said to the receptionist 'this lady won't wait' and my mum ever so calmly explained that it wasn't that she wouldn't wait it was that she couldn't wait. The nurse then told my mum that when making a hospital appointment your supposed to leave half a day for it! Now both me and my mum have had A LOT of hospital appointments, me with my stomach and  my mum with the problems that she has with her shoulder (but that is a story for another day), and we have never heard that your supposed to leave half a day in case the consultant is running late, is it just me or have you guys never heard of this before? 

Then we came home on and I helped my mum with home sharing on iTunes so that she could take some of the songs that I have on my iTunes and put them on hers so that she could then listen to them in the car because it is something that both my brother, my mum and I all like. But this then lead to me deciding that I wanted to download some new songs and spent two hours doing this, the main artist that I was downloading was Shania Twain, she's the only western kind of artist that I like.

It was then time for school and I had got textiles, well this got so confusing because my best mate was in sixth form last year but she didn't get the grades to carry on this year, so Evie went to college to do health and social care so that eventually she can become a social worker. But because she was at the sixth form last year she has been invited to the End of year sixth form ball, you get to take pictures and it is supposed to be really fun. However Evie wants to go on a trip to Africa to help the people that are in trouble and having problems so she couldn't afford to pay for it but our friend convinced the school to pay for her so that she could go. No-one told me this though until today and they need to know by tomorrow whether she's going and if so what she wants to eat. I still have no idea whether she is going or not. I think she is but I am not going to know til tomorrow so I can't answer all the questions that people are wanting me to answer. I don't know why people can't just text her, they all have her number and would be perfectly able to send her a message over the past few weeks but instead have waited til the last minute to ask me to try and get hold of her and figure out what she is doing. I'll let you know about that as soon as I know about that. 

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Feeling Privileged

Wednesday, 13 February 2013
Recently I've been talking to this girl on facebook that I've met a couple of times through Riding we'll call her A. She is such a sweet girl and lovely to chat to and we had got to know each other like I said through riding. When I went on facebook tonight it said that A had tagged me in a photograph, I was really confused because I hadn't seen her and thought she hadn't got any pictures of me but when I looked at it, it made sense. She had tagged me in a photograph she'd taken and wanted my opinion of her work. I felt so Privileged and honored that someone was looking to me for advice on their work. I told her what I thought and then she asked if I knew of any Editing software, my first thought was Photoshop but that was too expensive for her! So I did some looking and found a serif software that she could download for free and use to edit her photographs, she's currently downloading it and is asking me questions about what GCSE's I did and what could be good for her to do, I suggested art as this would allow her to be creative and then suggested doing a media based subject for example a photography course if they do one at her school, A said that they did and that she would talk to her form tutor who is the head of photography department tomorrow.

School got closed early today and unfortunately the main subject that I wanted to do was the lesson that had got cancelled, so I didn't go in today and instead spent some time taking pictures and here are some of them :) I hope you like them : 

I LOVE ANGEL! She is such a cute fur ball, and so loving even if she can be just a little nuts at times.

My Favourite picture of Angel :)

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A Girl With A Dream

more good news.

Tuesday, 12 February 2013
It seems to be that I am getting some good luck at the moment. As you all know I did an 'own a pony day' with Gatsby just after Christmas, then last Saturday I found out they were doing the pony club events but that there was also another 'own a pony day' over half term. Since Saturday I have been debating whether I wanted to do it or not, or more to the point, whether I could find a sensible reason for spending more money that I need to be saving up for my own horse! I eventually decided to ask my Nan if she will pay for part of the 'own a pony day' while I paid for the other part, this meant that I would pay the £10 deposit this Saturday to secure me a place, my Nan would then pay for the other £25 making it so that I could do the own a pony day! This means that my half term will be full of horse activities. 

The first Saturday I have my grooming time and lesson with Gatsby, the plan is to build up working on my Canter work, so that slowly but surely I have longer sections of good, controlled canter work. Monday I then plan to go up to help Elaine/Fiona this will involve mucking horses out, feeding them and maybe getting to ride Gatsby too, as Fiona has said that the hard work I do 'will be rewarded'. I'm not scared of hard work and I love horses so this is something that I think I will learn a lot from but that I will also be able to use to build my confidence and means I'll also be able to learn more about my favourite animal! I then might go up during the middle of the week to help out again. Friday I have my own a pony day, and then Saturday I have my grooming time and lesson with Gatsby, this lesson I plan to do some pole work and canter work, that's just a thought at the moment so it might all chance.

Today was my first day back in school since being ill and getting pains in my throat. My first lesson was 'personal development' this is basically form time (40 minutes) where I get to work on the things that I think need the most work, unfortunately for me this is Art, so instead I spent sometime on the internet looking at blogger. I then had English, this is a subject that I have always really liked, I'm definitely more of an English Girl than Maths, for some reason Maths just doesn't make sense to me. In English we were looking at Paradise Lost, and made some notes about the downfall of Eve and her eating the forbidden Fruit. I finally had Art, this was something that I was nervous about but also really looking forward to, I hadn't seen my Art teacher since deciding on the theme that I wanted to do, so wasn't entirely sure about how he was going to act. He didn't ask me anything for the first hour he pretty much was only their for roughly 10 minutes. During this time I did rough an A1 Ink paintings of a dress, I wasn't 100% happy with it but it was something that I can come back to and improve. I then decided that for the 2nd hour I was going to do observational work, I did the majority of an A4 painting, and Mr Davies found time during this hour to look at my work! He didn't pass any comments about how much I'd done, the quality, nothing! It annoyed me but I'm assuming this means that he likes my art work and thinks I've made a good choice. 

Does anyone else have the problem of not understanding their teachers?

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Equine WishList

Monday, 11 February 2013
Today I decided that seeing as my day had been fairly boring and definitely not that horse related that I was going to do an Equine Wish list. But before I do that I will tell you what I did do today. When I woke up me and my mum went swimming, so that the evenings would be free for anything that my brother wanted to do. I then watched some of the programs that I like on telly this included, Jeremy Kyle, and two different 'Real Housewives series' and in one of them, their daughter got a pony for her 4th Birthday present. I don't half wish that was me! I then did this weeks bit on the Equine nutrition course, I wrote loads of notes, then left it a while to give it time to sink in before I did the assessment and then I did that too. 

Now on to the Equine Wish List :) 


Yep, the top of the list is my very own horse and one day that dream will come true, and I hope that all my lovely followers will be with me and able to see my journey to make that dream come true. I would love an Irish Sports Horse. They're fun to jump but are also proving to be really good at dressage. I want to be able to compete at dressage competitions win rosettes, heck that doesn't even matter as long as I have a horse that I could call my own. 

I would really like a nice looking dressage saddle, as my riding teacher says that they would really help to improve my position and also my riding. It's something that I have always been interested in though at one point I thought that I would be doing more jumping than I would be doing dressage. 

A pink diamante brow band, I would really like one of these, I love pink and I love diamante. So this is the perfect combination of the two and not to forget I LOVE horses so this combines all three of them together. I have always loved looking at these and I have seen some really cool and unique browbands it is something that I would deffo want to splurge on! 


I feel in love with these stirrup irons when I was flipping through a magazine. I think I liked them because they were different and they were unique, while they were sensible they were also fun to and I love diamante! Are you seeing a trend starting to form? 

The final thing that I am putting on todays Equestrian Wishlist is the Katie Price Equestrian Show rug, I love it and would be happy to see my horse wearing it, even thought I don't like Katie Price. I love this rug and it helps that it is pink. As you all know it is my favourite thing. 

Thats all from this Equestrian Wishlist, there will be another one some time in the future. 

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Show Season

Sunday, 10 February 2013
With show season beginning in spring are you looking for a photographer that can take pictures of you, so that you know you will have memories of your show with your horse that will last forever? Well Rosamber photography wants to help you, you name it and we can do it. Something that could help you is comparison photographs, these are taken by Amber and you can have them based on the start of a show day and then the end, or even the start of show season and then the end of show season, you can then look at them together and see now only how you have improved but also how your riding has changed during the season. If you have any questions about the work that we do then contact Amber, to do this please head over to the 'Contact Us' Page and fill in the form, we can then get back to you as soon as possible.
For more information head over to our website -
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Phone Call - 01332 882022 
Or Text - 07531 475063 

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Rosamber Photography/ A Girl With A Dream

Decided to go for Pony Club!

First of all I wanted to take the time to say hello to all the new followers and thank you for stopping by my blog, I hope that you like it and enjoy what I have to put. 

Today I have spent the day doing art work, I was focusing on finding an artist that works with bright colours as this is the question for my exam paper, I eventually found an abstract artist, that uses a wide variety of different colours. It was something that I really enjoyed and had fun doing. I liked looking at the way that he worked and the paintings that he did. It was fun and an artist that I will remember. 

I haven't really done much else, because my art took a  long time to do and I wanted to make sure that it was the best I could do so that I can pick up as many marks as possible, it also means that I can have tomorrow off and that I do not have to do any art in the morning. I have also spent some time reading a book, the book is about the Salem Witches and the murders, it's kind of gruesome but at the same time I find that it is also really interesting. I have also spent some time looking at the pony club things and it is something that I really want to do, I talked to my family about it and they all agreed that it is something that I should do, so my mum sent a text to Fiona, saying that I would do it and to just let me know when she is wanting to start it. 

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Video's of me and Gatsby

Saturday, 9 February 2013
these are video's to show how I am building up my canter work whether it's only a step or two it's better than what i was doing which was shocking but also gatsby is having to be retaught because he doesn't know what people expect of him when cantering. So it's partly my fault and partly his but we will get there in the end!

I would also like to say that the last video is not my best work as i tend to really struggle on the right rein as I am sure that you can tell but for those of you that have been following my blog a long time you will know the reasons behind this but you will also know that my canter work used to be wild and out of control. Now the few bits of canter work that I do get is calm and under control. If you have any questions about this let me know :) While some parts look awful they aren't as bad as they look we were just struggling to get balanced! 

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A Girl With A Dream 

Lesson on Gatsby, and some amazing news :)

Today was a lesson riding Gatsby, I was soo excited there's something about this horse that just makes me want to ride to my best ability. I groomed him and brushed him until he was all soft and shiny which wasn't easy because he's legs are not clipped so they tend to get covered in mud. Then it was time to get on Gatsby and I had got a lesson to myself as Jaimie-leigh wasn't there. We decided that I was going to work even harder on my canter work and get Gatsby and me really working. 

The lesson started off really well, with Gatsby walking on a loose rein really stretching out, and Fiona asked me if it was okay with both me and my mum if she could use pictures of me and Gatsby riding for her business cards and posters, of course we said yes and it was funny because Gatsby started nodding his head as if he was saying yes too. We then started picking up a contact and he started working in a really nice outline, you could see his muscles working and he felt soo good! He felt so much kind of in control and relaxed and calm. He was going so well in trot that we decided that we weren't going to do as longer walk warm up as planned but we did spend an even amount of time on both reins. The trot work was okay it was better on the left rein as this is my rein and at the minute is Gatsby's stronger rein which is odd because his stronger rein used to be the right rein because we used to have the problem that are good reins weren't the same! The left rein I could get him in to an outline and I got some really nice trot work out of him, he was in an outline and balanced and looking really good even if I do say so myself. We then talked about how I was going to go about cantering with Gatsby and I said that I wanted to build on from last week and do a full circle. To start with I was causing him to start rushing and not going with a nice 'lift' in to canter. I was then getting better at keeping him balanced I was able to pick up a better canter and had a couple of really nice canter transitions where I was lifted up and relaxed and just generally calm. We also had a few where he was being a pain and didn't want to canter, so I kicked him a bit harder and he didn't like it and let me know that he didn't like it by throwing in a couple of bucks in but it didn't bother me. We then finished on a good note and had him walk around on a loose rein for a while. He was then being used in the next lesson, so I helped the girl who rides him get on and sort her stirrups out and then I went to leave and Gatsby tried to follow me out of the school which got a 'Don't go Amber' off the girl who was riding him I thought that this was really sweet and so happy with it. 

During the lesson I spoke to Fiona about helping out during the holidays and I am going to be going up on a  Monday morning with Elaine more than likely and helping out and she's said that more than likely I'll get a 'you can ride Gatsby for 40 minutes on your own doing whatever you want' this was really exciting for me. She also said I suppose you'll want to come to a few competitions with me too and I said 'Yeah' really excited. It seems like I am finally getting where I want to with my riding and am also making great friends along the way. Fiona is also starting a pony club team, which she has asked me if I would like to be on, it's going to cost me £25 for a year membership and then it will be £10 for two hours in an evening once a week, sometimes it will be riding other times not. We will then be able to do competition and there will be a dressage team and I triathlon thing (not sure if I have spelt that right but I am just so excited). It's not super expensive either making it affordable and something that I will be able to do. So I am going to spend some time researching about the Pony Club membership things tonight.

Here's some pictures :) 
Looking down together at Bliss the dog.

Looking the same way again, I love how we are both colour coordinated black and pink on me and Gatsby is black so I am matching him!

Both looking to the side,  no idea what we were looking at but we are doing it together, it made me laugh when I saw these three photographs.

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