22. Radio silence

Sunday, 24 January 2016
Okay guys sorry for the silence over the past few days unfortunately I haven't been in the world's best place. On Monday and Tuesday I was in hospital all day, they put me on morphine and monitored me to try and get the pain under control. They managed to do this while I was there but then once I came home I was back to being in agony again. Unfortunately they also couldn't figure out what was actually wrong with me, but I have got lots of hospital appointments coming up so hope fully they will give me an answer soon. I'm also seeing my doctors about mental health issues, they've put me on slow release morphine and Diazepam. I promise to start updating again soon :).

Until next time
Amber and Magic

17. Fun in the snow photo post

Sunday, 17 January 2016
I'm not feeling like writing a lot today so ive decided to just post lots of photos of magic in the snow for the first time.

Until Next time
Amber and Magic
My boy is definitely not camera shy. 

Again you will be able to see that Magic is going very bum high at the minute, I haven't measured him in a few days so I'll do that tomorrow. 

Silly faces

magics first time playing in the snow

Jack says this reminds him of the Lloyd's advert

Kisses with my babyyyyy

He follows me like a sheep

Running to see me

One of my favourites. 

My boy is very photogenic and loves the camera, I want this photo on a canvas or my phone case

16. Victorious

Saturday, 16 January 2016
Today has been a wicked day, I did not get to ride because my riding teacher was not very well but I did go on a long walk with magic. We walked from my stables to my house and back to the yard again.  In total it took one hour and 20 minutes, and it was a total of nearly four miles but it was so much fun. This is the first long distance walk that my boy has done and he was amazing.  He only spooked twice, and neither time was his fault both times it was because of idiotic drivers that decided to do 60 and 70 miles per hour past him and to say that pissed me off was an under statement. I've also lost 4 pounds since Thursday and  honestly I do not think that I could have done that without my fitbit tracker and app. It has been such a great motivation and today I have managed to get all my sections that I need in the green in the green. For years on and off I've tried different diets and different weight loss tablets, well this year I decided to just focus on myself, change my life style and just get myself back in shape. I feel that the key motivation for me to do this was and is magic.  I went to be able to give magic the best experiences possible whether it's in showing, day to dat things,basically everything and I do not feel like I could do this until I have lost weight.  Don't get me wrong I try my best for him at the moment but I know I can be better for him by sorting out my weight, which in turn will help me to sort out my health. For example how I am at the minute I would struggle to get magic to look his best in an In hand show. He is a big strong, powerful  horse, with a fast pace that at the minute some times I struggle to keep up with. In time I will get better.
As you can see other than the flights of steps everything's in the green zone this is the first time doing it and so motivating. 

In other news it has started snowing here, joys,Not!!! So being the nice horse mum I am I went up and rugged magic tonight and he was great, there was none of his silly antics, none of his spooking at the rug he just let me put it on him straight away which I was really happy about.  I am so proud of him, he's such a good boy at being handled, and he really does try his hardest with everything that I ask him to do. He doesn't always understand it the first time but he does try. Today is the first day that my baby has seen snow, and I don't know why but I find it so exciting!! Tomorrows the first day that his feet will touch snow and I can't wait to see his reaction but for now I'll leave you with some magic picture. Because I need some sleep. 
Excuse the state of me, id got two hoodies on and this poncho, so I look a little bit fatter than I actually am. By this point we were 10 minutes away from being home and magic, my mum and I were all knackered. 

As a reward for Magic being such a good boy after he dealt with something that scared him, I would then let him have a munch on some grass. He was such a clever boy about it and soon learnt that if he stayed calm about the scary things he would get a reward. Just one of the many reasons why I love my Pony.  

Until next time 
Amber and Magic

15. In hand work and weight loss progress

Hiya everyone,

Well today has been a slightly better day. Although I can safely say that I am aching like mad now!! I spent the morning in bed with my man, I just felt like for whatever reason I needed to get some sleep. Then when I did wake up I spent a while reading my slimming world magazine, I also made a start on finishing the rug I'm making for magic I've got one more bit to do tomorrow and then it will be finished.

Then while jack went for his driving lesson. I went to see magic. When I got there he was lying down and didn't really want to get up but eventually he did do. I put his head collar on and we went up to the school. I was a little bit apprehensive as to how he was going to be in the school because obviously we did not end on a good note. But he was amazing, if anything he was a little bit subdued and quiet today. He walked next to my shoulder perfectly, other than when he tripped he didn't put a foot wrong. I then asked him to trot and while he was reluctant to do it. In the end he did trot  for me and he stayed next to my shoulder it got to the point where if I slowed down magic slowed with me and he was really good.  It got to the point where we were working as one not as two. He was trotting through puddles, halting and standing square when he was asked to. I wa so proud of the little pony and really happy with the work that he has done today.  As a treat as I know magic likes walking out we then went for a 10 minute walk out to just chill out and relax after he'd been so good.  I then popped him back in his stable and did some more work with his head collar. Tonight we even took his head collar off without any head shaking, we are slowly getting there lol. I'm now feeling knackered though.

The weight loss is going well, just before I go to sleep tonight I will take another screen shot of the fitbit tracker dashboard  so you can see the process that I am making.  Today I have done two workout one was for five minutes and I ran a minute, walked a minute for five minutes.  Then I had a 30 minute workout with magic, this involved lots of running and walking. While I will admit that I am NOT by any means a runner, I am trying to get in to running shape. I also think I'm going to try doing the couch to 5k challenge and see where I get from there.  My aim is to just be body confident and happy with how I look. I'm by no means the thinnest girl around and I don't want to be super skinny,  I still want to have my curves but I want to remove the weight from the places it's not supposed to be mainly my stomach And my thighs. I'm also doing much better at controlling what I eat and not comfort eating during the middle of the night.  While getting out of this habit has been hard I definitely thing that it will be worth it. I will leave you with my stats.

Until next time
Amber and magic

14. Not such a good day.

Thursday, 14 January 2016
I'm exhausted so I'm going to warn you now that today has not been such a good day. I had good news from the hospital this afternoon after my tests for Addison disease last week the results have come back clear and they know that is not the problem. However I am now being sent for Mri scans on my bile duct and gallbladder, mainly to see if there are any stones or anything like that but just to rule things out as well. I also explained about my sleep pattern at the minute and they said that they think that I could be getting something called sleep apnea, I've never heard of it before so I'll have to do some research on it in the future but basically by the sounds of it, it is when your airways narrow when your asleep and basically you stop breathing when your asleep. I then wake myself up because I know something isn't right and this is what is causing (possibly anyway) my messed up sleep pattern. So at some point I while be going to see a consultant that just specialises in sorting out sleep patterns and problems with sleeping.

I then went straight from the hospital to do magic and this is where my day went slightly wrong. I managed to fetch magic in from the field perfectly fine, he came in quietly, he wasn't stroppy or grumpy, he was just magic.  I then took him up to the school like I have been doing for the last few nights and we started walking around really well, he was walking through the puddles, trotting when asked and everything. Then the next thing I know I'm lying on the floor with my mum and back stood next to me and no idea where magic is. I can't remember this happening so I can only assume that I was feeling dizzy before. Magic slowed down and went behind me and then nudged me from behind, he's done this before and I've never had a problem but for whatever reason I fell when he did this. Magic then went over the top of me some how and I ended up under his legs.  I don't think that he got me at any point but I am not sure. Troy held magic for me until I had sorted myself out and then I carried on with what I was doing. We did a small amount of trot work through the puddles but after that I just didn't feel right. I then put him back in his stable and we did a little bit more work on taking his head collar off without him throwing his head about. I am really not sure what happened in the school or why it happened but I'm not going to let it effect me, yes being under the legs of a horse wasn't nice but no its not going to stop me getting where I want to.

My fitbit app is going really well by the end of the day yesterday I managed to do the 10,000 steps.  Today I have managed to do roughly 8,500, I'm 200 callories away from losing the amount of calories that I need to lose today. I've had the correct amount of sleep and I'm below budget on the food that I can eat. Tomorrow will hopefully be a better day, my boyfriend is at the doctors in the morning, then it will be a quiet day I think but I don't know. But so far I have got to say I really like my fitbit bracelet, I'm finding it a great way to stay motivated and lose the weight that I want to lose.  Hopefully I'll be more body confident soon.

But for now I'm off to get some sleep as I feel rubbish.
Until Next time
Amber And Magic.

13. Fitness motivation

Wednesday, 13 January 2016
Mum did magic this morning which gave me the opportunity to catch up on some of the sleep that I've been missing out on at night time at the moment. We all then went up to Magic at lunch time, and he was lying in his stable fast asleep, he really didn't want to move but eventually he decided that he would get his lazy bum up off the stable floor and get some work done. Before he went out in the field I took him for a walk around the school, since I've got this new fitbit tracker I've been trying to keep on moving more so that I can lose more weight this is the 2nd proper dry of using it and I am loving it. I have also learnt that you actually burn weight when you aren't really doing anything, but back to the point we walked around the school doing little bits of trot work in hand,but mainly walking in hand and going through puddles. I then walked him down to his field and put him out for the reSt of the afternoon. Later on I will go back and bring him in and then I will do some more in hand work with him. As bad as it sounds magic is my motivation to lose weight. So if that means that the only way I can do the daily goal for my steps and calories burnt is by walking magic around the school then the pretty pony better get used to it because that is what I am going to do.
Pretty boy says he is tired  

Do I have to get up mum? Yes Magic you do. 
This evening I got Magic in, he was great to catch like he always has been, he follows me all the way to the gate and then stands there and waits for me to put his head collar on. Now normally I would tie magic up brush him and then put him in  his stable and he would already gave his night time feEd in there. However the past two days magic gets groomed in the morning by either myself or my mum, he's then bought in at night time and we go in the school and do a bit of leading.  Tonight he walked in hand all the way around the school without having any spooking problems. He then did trot when I asked him to trot and by the time I was done he was trotting through the puddles.  He's getting such a clever and brave boy.  I then took him back in to the stable and started the training work that I am doing on his head collar.  I make him stand by the door and face the corner, my mum or jack then stand with a likit for him and I wait until he is stood patiently before removing his head collar, last night this took nearly an hour tonight it took roughly 10 minutes. I then put his food in or my mum does and then that is magic done for the night.

Now I thought I would show you guys something cool. Above you can swe what my fitbit app/dashboard shows me. So far I am finding this a really useful tool, and definitely something that I am glad to have invested in. The sections in the orange or reddy colour are the ones that I am close to reaching my goal on, the green sections are where I have reached my goal. Today I still have 3000 more steps to take, and then this will put me back in the zone and change the dial at the bottom of the right hand collumn to green. The app tells me how many calories I can eat, how much weight I want to lose, how much sleep I get and my heart rate so far I think that the app and tracker have been really useful they have even motivated me to do small bits of running even if it's only a lap or two around the school with my midnight magic.  I think these  tools are going to really help me to lose the weight that I want to lose.

Until next time
Amber and Magic.

12. Just a quick drop in

Tuesday, 12 January 2016
Today's post is only going to be a quick one as I am feeling quite tired and to be honest do not have the motivation levels to right something long and really detailed. Magic is doing really well he was out in the field all day today and then bought in tonight. When I bought him in I walked him around the school for a bit just to get him used to being lead, we did a little bit of trotting but mainly walk work. We also did a little bit of work on getting magic to go through puddles and we will be doing more tomorrow.  

As for me I got my new toy today so tomorrow I might write a review on it. Or I might wait until I have had it for a while and got a better feel for it. So far though I really like it, I love how all the information is on the fitbit app and that I am able to check it as I go along. I also like that it really does monitor your sleep and it appears to be very accurate.

Until next time

11. Motivation goals, health and horsey calmness.

Today has been a long day and it is safe to say that I am knackered now. I ended up at my walk-in doctors this morning for theme to basically tell me to go back on sleeping pills as the paramedic felt that I am getting the the point of becoming an insomniac and that I am suffering with depression and anxiety/panic attacks. This is something that I have not dealt with before so I'm not actually sure how I'll deal with it really.  This morning my mum put Magics food in. Mum, Jack and I then went back to let magic out about 9.30 this morning, he had all four feet picked up and then walked to his field. Now the past two times that I habe let magic out he's been a pain for some reason when I walk him out to the field he gets half way there and then starts spinning around, running and just being a general idiot. I'm not sure what is causing it or why he is doing it but I am sure that I will figure it out soon.

This afternoon jack and I had to help his brother do a few jobs so that meant that we were out and about in the car for a few hours. I fell asleep in the car and just generally had time to space out. We then git home and jack and I decided to just curl up and watch TV now it's not unusual for me to go back to sleep during the day however today we both curled up together and then we were both out of it. After that it was time to do magic again he came in from the field really quietly and calmly and he was very good.  He then had his feet done again just to try and keep them as clean as possible, I've become a proper neat freak and clean freak since magic had the abcess in his hoof. I then put Magic in his stable and we had a little bit of a debate about his head collar, I think it is going to be one of those things that take time but my sure that we will get there in the end. I'm noworking curled back up in bed ready to chill out and just get some more sleep, that's after I have watched eastenders.

I also got my self a new piece of technology today I don't know if any of you can remember that I use an app called My fitness pal to manage my calorie in take. Well my uncle has loaned me the money to get a bracelet that tracks the calories burnt, the amount of steps I take during a day, my heart rate all day, it also monitors sleep, and the type of sleep that I have. All this data is then sent to my phone and I can check on it through out the day to see whether I am on track or not. I think that this will be really good for my health and focus me to stay on track. But right every one my food is done so it's time for me to eat so I'm off to sleep now.

Until next time
Amber and Magic

10. Walks out, dogs and relaxing.

Sunday, 10 January 2016
Hi everyone,

I decided that I would start off writing this blog test while Im curled up in bed before sorting magic out later on today. At the minute I'm curled up with Angel, while the boyfriend chills on the playstation. To say he's obsessed with GTA I think is an understatement.
My gorgeous little puppy dog curled up in bed with me, Angel says she's a tired girly. 

This morning Jack and I woke up really early, for once we were awake before even my mum was up and that never normally happens. We stayed in bed watching TV until everyone was up and then it was time to go do magic and he was such a good boy. As I am still in extreme amounts of pain mum said that she would start mucking out magics stable, she put his head collar on and he was a very good boy for it. Then jack and I took magic for a walk.  We only went out for about 25 minutes but he was really good, he looked at a few of the scary things but he was calm and relaxed the whole way again. At one point he even let jack lead him as I was going quite dizzy, he still waited for me while we were walking but jack led him. He even got a small amount of trotting in hand, my man is not really a horse person but he is trying his best and he's learning loads. He does his best to help me with Magic when I'm not well and is getting more understanding toward horses. When we got back to the yard I tied him up and picked all four feet up, again he did this without having to be bribed. He got a bit impatient towards the end but he did let me do all four of them.

Tonight when I went back to magic he seemed very calm and dopey, not sure if I spelt that right. To be honest with you I think that magic had been a sleep most of the afternoon as there was a nice big horse sized/shape in his straw. I picked all four of his feet out again just to get him in to a better routine of having them done, then gave him a quick brush over with jacks help. He stood very quietly and calmly and did everything that was asked of him so I was super proud of the little pony. We then put him back in his stable with his feed for the night time and this is where I had the only slight problem. When I take magics head collar off out in the field he doesn't shake his head or anything like that, when I take his head collar off in his stable he tries to rush to get it off and starts shaking his head about and I'm not sure what there is that I can really do about this. If anyone has any suggestions on how I can stop this they would be greatly appreciated as I am really not sure what I can do about it to be honest with you.  But for now I'll leave you with a picture of Magic at tea time.

Until next time
Amber and Magic

9. Not quite as planned.

Saturday, 9 January 2016
Today hasnt quite gone as I planned that it would do, i woke up at 10 to 8 this morning sobbing, in agony and completely unable to move. I quickly woke jack up, and he helped me to get to the bathroom and move around until he had to go to work. Unfortunately due to the amount of pain that I was in it meant that I was unable to ride today. I spoke to my riding teacher and she said there was no point in my riding because of the fact that I had got hardly any balance.  However she thought that it would be a good idea for me to go up and brush gatsby before a small amount of time so I DID get Gatsby cuddles.
Still one of my favourite horses, to be honest I think this boy will always hold a special place in my heart I love him so much. 
After doing this I went to see Magic and ended up completely knackering myself. I got there at one and knew I had an hour before someone was coming to view one of the horses on the yard and I'd agreed magic would be in his stable while this process was happening as the horse in question is quite attached to him. So before they came I decided that it was time to walk magic out on the road for the first time properly. I'm quite lucky in the fact that where magic is kept there is quite a large footpath to walk on and he doesn't have to get to close to the road. Magic looked at everything we went past but he took it all in his stride, he actually walked out better going away from the yard than going back towards it. On the way back he wanted to stop every few strides but we managed it and got him back in the stable just in time. After the viewers had bought the horse and left I then bought magic back out and washed his white socks at first he didn't really understand and was a bit unsure of why he was having a hose pipe on his legs, but once he understood what I was asking he stood very still.  After this I groomed the rest of his body, including all four feet. I've got to say he was amazing for this, he picked them all up again without being bribed and stood nicely and quietly for me. The thing I am working on the most at the moment is his ears,magic will let you touch everywhere but his ears. So today I got his lick out and my mum gave him that while I slowly started touching his ears. I didn't do this for to long before I put him back in his stable and told him how much of a good boy he was.
Selfie with the pony, he's growing so much and no matter how much pain I am in he always puts a smile on my face. This was also his first proper walk out on the roads.

Handsome boy posing for the camera. 

As you can see the pony is very inquisitive and likes to take a look at everything. 
After doing all of this it was time to pick up jack, I'm now completely shattered and curled up in bed while the other half plays on the playstation. I'm doped up on quite a few strong pain killers so I really don't have the energy to post much more than this so I am now off to bed.  Night y'all

Until next time
Amber and Magic

Ps the one pence collection is still going strong :)

8. Tidying up and chilled days

Friday, 8 January 2016
Today has been a good day it has been long but good and to be honest with you I haven't really done a lot. This morning magic got fed and then left for a little bit to eat his food. I then went back later on and turned him out in to his field this was after he was a really good boy and picked up all four of his feet with out having to be bribed and blackmailed. He let me clean them out and then spray on firstly a spray that helps to repair damaged feet and then a spray of pig oil that the vet suggested to use to repel some of the mud and protect his feet a little bit when he is out in the field. I also gave him a good groom but tomorrow I think that he is going to have his legs properly cleaned as he is in all weekend and I like having a pretty looking pony.

I then went home and did the jobs that I needed to do for example, cleaning out my wardrobe of clothes that I do not wear and sorting through books that I have already read and then getting rid of them. I then just generally tidied my room up and after I had done that I remembered to put today's pennies in to my collection. So far I am on day 8 of doing the challenge and I haven't missed a day which is saying something for me as normally by now I've got bored of it and just can't be arsed.

I then went back and got Magic in and he was a very good boy, he came up to me as soon as he heard his name. Then let me put his head collar on straight away and waited patiently for me to open the gate and start our minute walk back to the yard. He is slowly starting to get better with traffic,but that is to be expected when he has to walk next to the road to get to his field and his field is right next to the main road. He got another quick groom and his feet done again before going back in to his stable for the night where he has got a nice big bed with three big banks, a big hay net, and his night time feed.

But for me it is now time to go to sleep and just rest before a busy day tomorrow and my first lesson of the year.

Until next time
Amber and Magic

7. Vets, hospitals and relaxation

Thursday, 7 January 2016
Well I'm currently sat in the back of the car on the way to hospital, my mum quickly put Magics food in this morning and now we're on the way to have my test done to see whether I have Addison Disease or not I can't say I'm particularly looking forward to it seen as I hate needles and this whole test is about having needles put in me, to say I'm dreading it is an understatement especially when I have hardly slept all night and I am in quite a bit of pain. However I thought I would use this time to update you all on my experiences of a certain vets in Derbyshire. You'll all know that I had to get another vet out to sort out magic after they came out well on Monday i took in the insurance claim form and asked them to fill it in, while at the same time booking Magic in for l his 2nd set of injections. I explained that id be paying with cash and that I knew his vet bills has not been paid, I was waiting for an email off my insurance company. Yesterday I recieved a phone call from  the snooty practice manager, who informed me that even though I was paying with cash magic would not be allowed his injections until the policy excess was paid. This was not what I was told on Monday and seen as I told them I was waiting for the insurance company to get back in contact with me. I then got called a liar and informed that her vets wouldn't possibly not tell her the truth.

Well that's the first part of my test done, the first part was a simple blood test, now I have to wait to have an injection of something I dont know what, then wait for 30 minutes and then have another blood test. THAT'S THREE NEEDLES, and you all know how much I hate needles.

After leaving the hospital I went straight to see magic, while I had fed him in the morning in had not got time to do his stable. While my mum and jack did his stable as I was feeling quite poorly, I gave him a brush and just a really nice groom and he was such a good boy. He was calm and he was almost falling asleep. The vets then came to do magic and she was lovely, she took her time with him. He's now had his second lot of injections and isn't due anymore injections for 6 months. While she was there she also checked his foot and said that she thinks his abcess is now fully gone and that he can go back to normally so that means NO MORE POULTICING and bandaging his foot. Later on I'll go back up to magic to give him his food and then we will either do a bit more grooming, some parelli or possibly some in hand and leading work in the schooling as he's not the best at this.

But for now I'm off to relax and rest, until next time.
Amber and Magic

6. Bandage no more?

Wednesday, 6 January 2016
Hiya y'all,

Well so far I am managing to keep my blog up-to-date while I know it is only 6 days Im glad I am managing to take the time out of each day to post something. Which reminds me have I told you all about my new money making scheme, I saw it on Facebook. You get an old jar, you can decorate it if you want to, and for each day of the year you put a penny in for that day e.g. day 1 is 1 penny, day 2 is 2 and so on until day 365 is £3.65. By doing this by the end of the year you can make roughly £670, that's why there is a number in my blog post. As I plan to post everyday again I decided putting the day of the year on would help me know what I needed to save.

On to Magic, he's doing really well and hopefully today will be the last day that his foot is bandaged. I gave him his food this morning and threw him out in the field. After getting some advice from Donna the yard owner she recommemed leaving his foot wrapped up until I bring him in then cleaning it up and leaving his foot open for the night.

Tonight my mum and my man were amazing, they really helped with magic, unfortunately tonight I was having a bad spell with my health. Mum sorted out magics stable and then jack fetched him in from the field, he was great for Jack and just really peaceful and calm..jack and mum then took his bandage off and he was really good for them, he even let him do it without being bribed. He then went nicely into his stable and had his food and his hay for the night. Tomorrow Magic will be in for the day as I'm at hospital in the morning and magic is having the vets out to him to do his second set of vaccinations. But for now I am off to sleep as I am not feeling to well.

Until Next Time
Amber and Magic

5. Playful ponies and pictures.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016
Well it is just me again. Magic went out in the field all day today. When I got there this morning I was greeted with my boy saying hello and his head hanging out of the door. I did his foot and gave him some fuss before it was time for him to go out. Now normally magic is really good to go out, but the past twice he walks as if he wants to go out and then stop and just refuses to move. I have no idea why he does this but one thing I do not let him do is win. He's starting to try and push his look now and that is the lastr thing that I want to let him do. I changed his foot again this morning and he was great for that he stood nicely and calmly and just generally chilled out.

Tonight I went to bring him in as he is a out all day and then in at night. He let me catch him first time and as soon as he saw or more heard me he came up to me. He's turning in to a very clever horse all though he gets impatient because he knows when he comes in that it is food time. He let me wash his legs off then pick up all for four feet and take his bandage off without being bribed. However when I did his foot i did give him some food just so that he would stand still and let me do it quickly. I then put his food in his stable and put him in for the night. I've decided that the main areas I need to work on are standing still, feet and taking his head collar off. He's a quick learner and has got some good manners but he is a baby that likes to try his look.

Now on to what I know you have all been waiting for pictures.

Tomorrow is a quieter day but then I am back in hospital on Thursday morning for some more tests to say that I am dreading it is a massive understatement. But hopefully I'll get some !more answers. I am also back on a diet to get myself healthier and fitter but also to become happier with my own body.

Until Next Time
Amber and Magic

4. Just a quickie until later

Well I forgot to post something on day four so you lucky followers will have 2 new posts today. Magic was really good yesterday, I put him out in the morning with the intention that he'd be out all day but it would appear the weather had other plans and magic came in at lunch time. He was very good for her and did exactly what he was told. In my opinion him letting my mum do that will do him some good because it means he's letting other people interact with him instead of just 100% relaying on me while I do not mind this, it will be better for him just invade there is a day when I'm poorly and I'm unable to do him. 

His foot is looking a lot better and he really is happier or he appears happier to be walking on it. He's also much happier and calmer now that he's getting more turnout time. When I got there last night he was in his stable just enjoying talking to the foal in the stable next to him. I bought him out picked all four of his feet up, and redressed his foot. Then had lots of cuddles before putting him in for the night. 

But anyway people I'm off too get some sleep. 
Until next time
Amber and magic 

3. Hope, resolutions and a healthier Magic

Sunday, 3 January 2016
Today is the 3rd of January and I'm sure that it's my third post of the year. I don't tend to make new years resolutions but this year I have made three, well I wouldn't call them resolutions but more goals to help me improve as a person. So below you will find my goals and how I plan on achieving them. 

  1. Lose weight\get fitter. I think that this is fairly self explanatory unfortunately when I get stressed I tend too either comfort eat or binge eat. Ill just start to be happy with my weight and then I'll get a snack attack. I also want to be healthier for Magic if I plan on doing in hand shows with him them I know I need to be more in shape than I am at the moment and just have better general health. 
  2. Snap less. Again this is a stress related when I get stressed or in pain I snap and take it out on people I care about, it needs to stop. This also means more patience another thing to help with magic. 
  3. Blog more!! Magic is growing so quickly and learning so much that time seems to just be flying by. I want to remember it all and I feel that the best way to do that is by using my blog again. 
Now on to the more interesting things, Magic is doing really well he has no puss coming out of his abcess anymore so he's now having a dry bandage on, also the split in his frog has almost fully healed. He's getting much better at standing for all 4 feet too be picked out. He loves his grooming sessions and just having lots of general loving. He's much calmer and is happier out in his field. He has a new next door neighbor who he isn't really bothered about. Magic now leads well in both walk and trot, although we still need to work on standing still as we are not very good at this. He's slowly growing and gaining \ maintaining weight. Im amazed at how quickly he learns and how intrigued he is to learn new things. Magic will let you put rugs on him although he doesn't always like it. 

Up until recently I have had a small amount of drama at the yard but today my mam has been absolutely amazing and sorted the drama out for me. Which has lead to me having a gorgeous horse to ride called Hope. She's a stunning, giant, 5 year old piebald who tries so hard to please anyone and everyone. I love her and will be riding her until she is sold. I feel so much happier knowing that everything has been sorted.  

But for now Im off to get some sleep, I'm on some quite strong pain killers that make me very sleepy. 

Until next time 
Amber and Magic

Day two catch up

Saturday, 2 January 2016
Well today has been another eventful day, and it is only the second day of the year. In my last post I talked all about magic, in this one I plan to update you on me. My health is still yo-yoing up and down at the moment I'm going through a rough patch, I spent two hours in a&e today for them to say that there is not a lot they can do for me. On Thursday I have got a hospital appointment to finally have the test done to see whether I do have Addison's disease or not. While I am really not looking forward to it I will be so glad to have an answer or just be a step closer too knowing the truth.

I'm currently not doing a lot as magic takes up the majority of my time. I am loving owning a horse it really has been a dream come true and I now can't imagine my life without Magic in it. He really is teaching me a lot and we are slowly learning together, don't get me wrong there are days when I feel useless and like I really do not know what I'm doing. But everyone that has seen Magic compliments me on what a lovely horse he is and how well he is doing. Which of course makes me a super proud horse mum.  He brings out the best in me and I truly believe that getting magic was the best choice I could have made. Tomorrow I will post more but for now I am doped up on pain killers so I am going to head to bed.

Until next time
Amber and Magic

Happy New Year

Friday, 1 January 2016
Hiya everyone,

First of all I would like to say a massive Happy New Year from Magic and I. Last year was filled with lots of highs and a few lows but one of my main high points this year was finally getting my own horse. I can't lie and say it hasnt been challenging because it definitely has been but it has also been extremely rewarding! Seeing those big fluffy ears first thing in a morning, and hearing that little cute noise he makes when you get to the yard make all those horrid early mornings worth it!

Magic is doing really well he currently stands at 14.1hh on his withers and 14.2/14.3hh on his bum, he weighs just under 240kg and is just 7 month old he will be 8 months old on the 19th January. He's turning into a cheeky but very clever little horse. He picks up all four feet, walks quietly along the road to go out in his field, stands to be poulticed, everything I ask of him he is really happy to do.

Speaking of feet since getting more turn out his stifle is a lot better,he doesn't seem to lock it as  much and he seems a lot less stiff. However his front foot is still causing some problems it's been being poulticed for nearly 2 weeks now but is still oozing out puss. Its less sensitive to touch and he is happier walking on it now. He's finished his antibiotics and is not taking any pain killers anymore. I'm thinking another call to the vet isgoing to be needed but only time will tell.

Until next time
Amber rose and midnight magic.