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Moving up levels and the bot fly incident

 So I've always got the best intentions of restarting this blog but it doesn't always work out like that and it seems that i forgot how much time and effort I put in to this blog but that doesn't mean I'm going to give in trying.  After my Last blog post magic had some unplanned time off. I'm sure that some of you will remember that i was training to do my bhs stages and become a freelance from well all that hard work paid off and I finally have my own business doing exactly that. Unfortunately after my Last post things got crazy busy for me and I ended up with a very poorly two year old as well as working some pretty long hours. I don't think magic was two bothered by the time off though. 😂😂  Fast forward and Jax is now feeling much better and work had been slightly quieter which had meant that i have had more time to spend with magic. We've had 2 really good lessons since my last post both of which have been working towards our next dressage competition
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Magic update

 So I realised that it has been a while since I updated this blog so thought out was time to bring it back to life. Magic is now 6  and the b dream finally came true. Since I last posted we have moved yards and magic is now on a lovely yard, it's a working farm with lots of character and a family atmosphere. Magic is coming on in leaps and bounds me as you gu us have been on this journey with me from the start I decided that it was time to bring you guys back along for the journey.  Magic got backed over a year ago now and since then we have entered our first online competition, we have competed at our first ever competition at a venue and we've done our first ever endurance ride. We have changed coaches, made friends and lost friends but most importantly we've learnt together and come a really long way.  So let's talk about our most recent adventures, the first one being his first ever endurance ride. We are so lucky to live within hacking distance of a endurance ride

Magic's 2nd day in his new home

It has been a while since I have posted on here but I thought it was the perfect time to restart the blog. So to start with I'll give you all an update on what's been going on over the years since I've posted and then I will be back to regularly posting and keeping you all updated on the world of magic.  The first big change who I need to introduce is Jaxon, Jaxon is mine and Jack's 7 month old baby, he was born on the 7th July 2020. Part of this blog will be dedicated to overcoming the challenges of having a small child and owning a horse, even when everyone told me it was impossible to do. Jax has a best friend Bailey who is mums new 1 year old puppy and he has the best time trying to play with her.  Of course Magic is one of Jaxon's best friends.  Now for an update on Magic, he is doing really well, I can't remember if I ever told you, but he moved yards last year when I was pregnant with little man. Unfortunately this yard just didn't quite

When the weather is too hot so you just call it quits!

Well things are quite on the horse front, as normal the horses had the weekend off meaning that I also got to have the weekend off. Then today I was planning doing more work with Magic, I was going to lunge him with his saddle on again however when I woke up it was TOO HOT! The weather was registering at between 26 and 30 degrees, now I'm a human and I don't have a fur coat and I was struggling to even walk around. So I decided that the weather conditions were to hot for him and something that he couldn't deal with. So he has had the day off in his stable. Tomorrow I'll probably do a bit of walking with him and maybe give him a bath but it will all depend on what the weather is doing! Until Next Time Amber Rose, Magic, Casper and Diesel

205 bones in the body, and some fab lunge work

So Magic is doing really well. About two weeks ago we had stumbled across an issue while lunging him, he seemed to lunge perfectly going clockwise (right lead) but seemed to struggle going anti-clockwise (left lead). I came up with the idea that maybe it would be easier to try and lunge him on his bad rein first so that he would see going on his good rein as a kind of reward as he seems to generally enjoy going that way, and so far it is safe to say that it has worked a treat! We are definitely two good lunge sessions at walk and trot in both directions. It might even be 3 or 4 sessions that we have had but I am not sure. I've also been doing bits of riding for Lynn at the moment, I rode Sonny once. I've rode Derry a few times who I do love, but she is a bit more wooden and stiff. She is still a lovely ride though and at the end of each of our rides we tend to go for a wonder down the road and back again. For the first time on Tuesday I got to ride Faze and I love her! She

onwards and upwards

Things are going well with Magic, in fact with all the horses at the yard, as you all know I managed to Lunge Magic and Ride Derry on Wednesday, Thursday Magic got to do a little bit of work, then I lunged Sparky, and then hopped on Sonny for a little bit, before Friday Magic got lunged in the field to do something different. Over the weekend the horses had the time off, this is the time when Jack's off work so we tend to do things and then I focus on Magic while Jack is at work, we also didn't have a car this weekend. Today kick started the week off on the right foot. I had a lie in this morning when I got back from collecting a parcel and taking Jack to work, then mum came over and we tidied my Garden up before heading over to the yard. When I got there I lunged Magic for a while, we focused on staying in walk and trot and lunging for 7 minutes in each direction with no side reins. We started off going the direction that he isn't the worlds biggest fan of, becaus

an intense few days.

The past few days have been INTENSE to say the least. Both days have been filled with horsey madness and while I am aching now I feel good for managing to accomplish everything that I have done. There will be some video's soon but I honestly just haven't got around to uploading them and editing them so as soon as I do that I'll let you know and you can all see. Yesterday I went up to do Magic, after all the ponies nearly escaped from the field I eventually managed to convince him to come and do some work. He had a really nice groom and fuss, which he LOVED. Then I put his bridle with his new reins on, and his lunge cavesson (not sure if I have spelt that right), we lunged nicely for both ways doing walk, trot and canter. Then out of no where going to the right he exploded. I couldn't see anything that had happened so assumed he was just having one of his moments and that he would be fine and calm down, but that I might need to free school him first. So I did what I