I believe I can fly.

Friday, 31 May 2013
Today was my own a pony day, and I loved it. For the first time this week that the weather was pleasant. It was so hot that it made riding hard work but just loved it. I think I might even have got a tan, which is awesome as I normally burn not tan. We got there at 9:00 and the horses were all out except for Gatsby and Rascal, who had already been mucked out and fed. By 10:30 we had all the feed buckets cleaned, the stalls mucked out and water buckets emptied, cleaned and then refilled. All we had left to do in the stables was fill and hang hay nets. I got on Gatsby and Fiona asked if I would like to jump Gatsby. I agreed as this is something that I used to love doing. I got him groomed, tacked him up, and got ready to get on him. Because he was jumping we decided to put his front boots on but not his back boots. I got on him and started warming him up making sure that he was working long and low and really stretching out. As I was riding for half an hour instead of an hour, I had to warm up quicker. Fiona let me do my thing on Gatsby before jumping him because the little girl that was in the arena with me had only had four lessons. So she was working on learning rising trot. Some times fiona would ask me to go in front of the little girl so that she could follow me. She did this more so in the trot than anything else and she would ask the little girl questions about my riding. Once I got Gatsby warmed up and cantered him a couple of times on each rein. Fiona put up a little cross rail jump for me. We went over it for or four times and it felt so good to jump him. He has changed so much he no longer rushs to the jumps but takes you calm and steadily and does his job. He was great we got a couple of really nice jumps I loved it and there was a couple of times that i know i needed to add more leg. But to say it was my first time in a year, I was happy with what I was able to do. 

After I had rode I hopped off Gatsby and helped one of the other girls get on him. For a while we watched the lessons and then it was time to fill the haynets y the time we were done the lesson was over, I helped to untacked Gatsby and then it was lunch time. We had lunch and decided that in the afternoon we were going to do a in hand competition. After we had eaten I took Rocky's bridle outside and sat for half an hour cleaning it while I watched the farrier putting on and taking shoes off. I then groomed rocky plaiting both his mane and his tail, putting on hoof oil and making sure that he was brushed well. Once we were done I went to take Rocky down to the school and wait for the others. When fiona came down we started off walking and halting the horses, we then halted and did some trot work we did one lap and then turned on the centre line to have bridles and cleanliness checked. We then took the horses in. Unfortunately I had to ask Elaine to untack Rocky because I had over heated as well as starting to become dehydrated. Elaine untacked him and I sat down and had a drink once i started drinking I felt less sick. So that was good. By the way I forgot to say that I came joint second in the competition winning me some Haribos. 

Tomorrow I get to go and see Gatsby again for my lesson. I think we are going to be doing some more jump work so I am really excited to see what tomorrow will bring. I love my horse time and hopefully by then I will stop being sick.

But now I am going to curl up in bed and get a good night sleep.

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A Girl With A Dream 

Pony Club and Dressage Clinic With Lots of Details

Thursday, 30 May 2013
So more information on the dressage clinic, it amazed me how much my riding changed the minute that people mentioned test to me, it was like I immediately became nervous even though in my mind I knew that i had got no reason to be nervous. Below I'll put the movements the score I got and the comments that I got:-

  1. A - Enter working trot rising. Score 8/10. St Cl Active. 
  2. C - Track Left. 7/10. Active paces.
  3. E - Circle Left 20m. 7/10. Could have been rounder. 
  4. Between K and A - working Canter Left lead. 7/10. Good Balance. 
  5. B - Circle Left 20m. 5/10. Broke. 
  6. Approaching B - Working Trot. 6/10. Could be safer. 
  7. C - Medium Walk. 5/10. Jogged. 
  8. HXF - Free Walk on a long rein. FA Medium Walk. 8/10. Good stretch and length of stride. 
  9. A - Working Trot. 8/10. No comment 
  10. E - Circle Right 20m. 7/10. Becoming Softer. 
  11. Between H&C - Working canter right lead. 5/10. Late to Canter. 
  12. B - Circle right 20m. 5/10. Broke. 
  13. Approaching B - Working Trot. 7/10. No Comment. 
  14. A - Down Centre Line. X - Halt. Salute. 6/10. Brief half. 1/4 right. 
Now on to the assessments and the comments that I got from them. 
  • Rider's positions and influence - straightness, balance and suppleness. Correctness and effectiveness of the aids, execution of the movements. 7/10. Comment - Need to work on the effectiveness of and in canter.
  • Relaxation and correct contact - Calm and Confident. Elastic Contact, with a relaxed horses that is free and regular. Accepting the bridle and the riders leg aids. - 6/10. Comment - Maintain rein contact and encourage softer outline
  • Regularity and Freedom - Relaxed and free of tension. Willingness to move freely forward with regularity in all paces. 7/10. Comment - Paces at times a little hurried and lose of rhythm. 
  • General Impression - The horse and rider work confidently as a combination showing smoothness, regularity and relaxation. Transitions are smooth and the rider positively influences the horse, following the movement. 7/10. Comment - More practice at test riding to relax more.
While the scores aren't great I am really happy with both the work that I did and the work that Gatsby did, he was soft at times but I know that I need to work harder. I am really happy with some of the 8's that I got as I really didn't expect to get 8's. The 5's in the canters I fully expected because I have only just really started working on the canter work. But I was happy that I was able to pick up the canter after I broke the canter. It made me feel more confident when I was riding and that I can ride and that I do work well with Gatsby. I am so happy with how much my riding is changing and that I am finally getting to where I want to be with my riding. 


Then at 4:30 it was Pony Club. I love pony club it is so fun. Today we decided that we were going to do some more leading work and grooming but then we were going to look at doing field maintenance as well. As I had just ridden Gatsby I agreed that I would also to do some work with Rascal. Rascal is 24 so is quite stiff and old, I was doing work with Rascal on leading. We practiced doing walk, and a small amount of trot. After doing this we halted on the centre line and practiced backing, and turning from one side 360 degrees and then doing the same going the other way. After we had done this we took the horses in and sat down to talk about field maintenance. We talked about ragwart (think I spelt that right), poo picking fields and why it was important to do this. We started off doing this but Rosie has kicked up Laminitis after being in the fresh grass for less than a day. Rosie originally goes out with Corrie, the two of them where in a new paddock. Fiona and I took down the electric fence in one field and then moved it to the old field that Corrie and Rosie were in, we split the field in two and worked on putting the electric fence in place. This was something that I had never done before and I loved learning how to do it. When we had managed to do this we went back to poo picking. It was then time to go home the horses were already out in the field so we didn't need to do that but I wouldn't have minded doing that. 

Pony Club was so much fun and Fiona asked if I thought it was effective and I said yes we thought that it was effective because one day in the future I am going to want my own horse, and pony club is giving me the opportunity to learn all about how to look after my pony so that when the time comes I'll know how to do it. I am loving all the learning and the fact that maybe one day I'll get to do some competitions too. I never thought that I would ever want to do in one hand work but I LOVE it, I really think it's helping to build a bond with other horses it is so much fun. 

On Friday (tomorrow) I have an own a Pony Day so there will be another horse related post tomorrow, now that I have left school I am getting so many more opportunities to do things that are horse related. Later on I am going to do a post that has pictures of my new gloves and what I think about them and it is also going to have pictures of my test sheet as well as my new jacket. 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream. 

A need for Speed, and dressage tests.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013
So today I went to see the 6th fast and furious film, I thought it was going to be the last but it doesn't look like it is and that's amazing because I've like grown up watching these films. The next one is going to be interesting because it includes Jason Statham who is one of my all time favourite actors. I can not wait. For any one that has not seen this film you should definitely go and watch it. If you like fast cars, money and fun then this is the film that is for you. I love watching these films and can't wait until it comes out on DVD compared to some of the others it wasn't the best but it was good and had a strong story line to it and the fact that Lettie's back made it even better. These films always have and always will give me need for Speed what more can I say other than I love fast cars. 

On Monday first of all I had a how to ride a dressage test clinic. I decided that I wanted to really push myself so I did one that was based around including canter circles. When we first got there we looked through some shorter but popular tests. We the went in to the school and walked through the test out of all of us I was doing the hardest one that included lots of transitions. After we had walked through it it was time to give the ponies some loving. So I gave Gatsby lots of cuddles and brushing snd just enjoyed spending time with him. We them got on the horses and we worked through the simplest test so that the youngest girl.had got a better idea which I was fine with and to be honest it totally made sense. when we had done that I asked for a couple for canter transitions with Gatsby just to see what he was going to be like for when we did do the test. I agreed that I would do my test first, it wasn't the best of tests, it wasn't overly graceful but considering it was the first time that I had rode a test in over a year I was happy with it. I was able to pick up the canter when Gatsby broke out of it and over all I was really happy with how the afternoon went. 

This post is to be continued tomorrow, I'll have more details on the test and pictures of my score sheets. I will also tell you how pony club went. 

But Until Then 
A Girl With A Dream 

Retail therapy

Tuesday, 28 May 2013
Today has been a long day I did manage to get a good night's sleep ams I kind of just collapsed in bed at about 9:30 which is a lot earlier than I am used to. But it did me some good. 

This morning I got to purchase some new equine products the first and most importantly was a new pair of riding gloves, they are soft leather with swarvoski crystal on them. Not sure if I spelt that right. The second was a new black waistcoat type thing. Can't think of the right word for it, that's thin but comfy and super warm.  It looks like it's not going to be warm but it is. 

This evening I went to a film night at my youth group place where we watched the life of Pi. It was a really good film and I did really enjoy it even though it got a bit confusing in some parts, it was better than I expected ans will watch it again. 

Tomorrow I plan to post about ponyclub I did work with both rascal and Gatsby. I also plan to post about some of the things that have happened over the past weekend but am not sure how I am going to do that as it is a rather odd issue that I don't know whether is over or not only time will tell. 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream 

One very sleepy girl

Monday, 27 May 2013
Today has been another long day, I really want to post but to be honest I really do not have the energy.I have not slept much in the past 24 hours, so if I tried writing a long detailed blog post it more than likely would not make sense. 

Today was the dressage clinic ans then it was pony club fiona, Elaine and I all rode Gatsby today and it was amazing to see the difference in Gatsby when other people were riding him. I really want to go I. To details about what I did, but that won't be tonight, so y'all have to wait until tomorrow. 

Hopefully tonight I will actually actually make it to my room and to my bed but who knows, the next 24-48 hours are going to be incredibly long. 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream 

A hectic weekend...

Sunday, 26 May 2013
Ok its time to actually write a decent length post, while I have not been posting the past few days I have been reading everyone's blogs and would like to say that my thoughts are with L over at Viva Carlos during this tough time that she is going through.  

On Friday it was ny nans funeral, while it was a sad occasion I loved being able to see everyone, including my irish cousins that went home today. We went to the crematorium for 3:08pm and emotions were running high. But I had my best friend there to support me and I really appreciated it. We then went back to Horsley lodge for the wake. It was so long afternoon but we had some really nice chats with different people that we would not see very often. Evie their came back to mine for the night because of personal things in her life, she will be with me until at least Tuesday. 

Saturday I got to see my big fella and Evie got to meet him for the second time. My cousins also got to meet him and see me ride. We were originally planning to work on doing some small jumps but Gatsby was extremely wide awake he was active forward moving but he was trying to race to. He eventually settled down and so that he doesn't get wound up we decided that we would not jump him. The canter was a bit hectic because he was over excited. He worked well in an outline and fiona was really happy to see how much my seat and tightened stomach muscles had improved. I was really happy with the comments I got. It was a great ride and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 

This morning Evie and I went to the church as she always goes on a Sunday and I said that I would go with her. We then spent some time at home watching casualty (not sure if I slept this right) we then watched some of the F1 as it's my dad's favourite programme and he always watches them. Then it was time for the best part of the day all you can eat chinese! Evie, mum, dad, my cousins, brother, sister, nephew, Mick and I all went to the Chinese. And it was gorgeous I was so full by the end of it, the sweet and sour chicken was perfect. When we had finished there my mum and brother took my cousins to watch my brothers girl friend play snooker and then took them to the station. I really enjoyed seeing them and I am gutted that they have gone home I can't sit to see them again. My dad, Evie and I went home me and Evie played monopoly and for the first time in my life I actually won. I was so happy. The evening had some eventful turns to it but that's Evies story to tell not mine. The rest of the evening we watched TV, did some cleaning. And are now just chilling but I have a feeling that tonight is going to be quite very long night so we will have to wait and see what happens.

Til tomorrow arrives I don't know what the day will bring, I should be doing a dressage thing and then pony club but at this moment in time I do not know what is going to happen. I think it is going to be a long week. 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream 

Still alive

Saturday, 25 May 2013
I'm still alive but I am really tired the past few days have been a nightmare and I'm hoping things are going to get better from here. But it's a long story, so tomorrow i am going to write a detailed post .

Until Next Time
A Girl With A Dream

Long time no see.

Thursday, 23 May 2013
Today has been another long day,for some reason the last Two nights I haven't been able to sleep I've even restless and today it's starting to show. This morning I was up and dressed nice and early as I was going with my dad to pick my cousins up from the train station.  We haven't seen them in years so even though they aren't here because of the best circumstances I still am really enjoying seeing them. We got in and just spent a while chilling out doing nothing in particular. Tomorrow my cousins are driving my dads car to the crematorium so we showed him the root fir that and then spent a couple of hours in the pub it was fun and there was lots of banterous conversations going on (yes I just made banterous up. It's a new word of mine). This afternoon my sister also came over with brody she showed us all the little suit that she has bought for him tomorrow, my sister and my mum took Brody to get his hair cut. Kt does look really good and apparently he is quite patient. 

Tomorrow is going to be a long day for everyone and a day that I am really not looking forward to. So I'm going to curl up and get a good night's sleep. 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream 

And a nice evening was had by all

Wednesday, 22 May 2013
Today started off badly bet ended on a good note. Yesterday I took my car to Stoke tonight it is still there its got a new water pump, thermometer, and possibly a gasket head as well. Think I've spelt that right but I know nothing about cars. The good news is this is all being repaired under warranty and at the minute it looks to be a very expensive job. originally I should have been getting my car back today and while I am gutted that it's not back I'd rather be driving a safe car. It doesn't look like it will be back before the bank holiday. 

This evening I went with my uncle to see the Great Gatsby it was amazing. I love how they did it. I have been wanting to read it for a while but never got around to it and now that I know I enjoyed it I am definitely going to read the book. I love the glamour about the 1920's the jewellery, the clothes, the houses basically I love everything about that time period. Well except for the cars,  if they had my minis in that time period it would be perfect. It is certainly a film that I am going to buy in. DVD and I would highly recommend it to anyone that hasn't seen it. The actors in it were great and I think it's going to be in my top 10 favourite films. Including the twilight saga, the fast and furious films and the Flicka films. Next week I get to go to the cinema again with my mum and my brother we are going to see fast and furious 6 I have been waiting for months for this film to come out i definitely have a need for Speed. there are quite a few films that are going to be in the cinemas soon that I can not wait to see, a few of them are horrors.

Tomorrow I am going with my dad to pick up my cousins that are coming over from Ireland from the funeral. I get to see them for the weekend so I can't wait for that. they get in at the train station at about 10:30 tomorrow morning. For now I am curled up with my hair naturally drying watching the apprentice with my mum. Later on I am going to finish off my hair so it's ready for the morning then have an earlier night as I just didn't sleep well last night. 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream 

Early wake up call

Tuesday, 21 May 2013
Today was a long day my mum and I were up and out of the house  by 7am we arrived in Stoke qt just before 8 and the mechanic said that he was surprised how early we were but He was the one to tell my dad that we needed to be there as early as possible so we were. The first thing that he did was pop the bonnet up and try and open the water part well it bubbled over like mad none of us expected that. He told us that we were going to be there for a minimum of two to three hours so we might as well go up to the shopping part. He told us it was a quick 5 minute walk up a not to steep hill! Wrong! The hill was really steep so we did it in two parts we stopped at the bus station to sit for a but and then get a drink. Then we walked another 10 minutes to go to McDonalds were we had pancakes and sausage breakfast then we had to wait. It was cold and raining so we waited in McDonalds. Eventually we got a phone call to tell us that my car would have time stay over night because it needs a new water pump putting on it. He ordered the part but it was going to take three to four hours to fit the pump so we rang my uncle for him to come and get us so for an hour if not more we sat at the garage in the office. To say it was cold was an understatement. Rob then picked us up and bought us home. He turned the heaters up to warm me up which also made me really sleepy. So when I got home I was shattered. So I went to bed for what was going to be a short nap but ended up being a four/five hours nap. The weird thing is that when I woke up I still felt tired. 

Tomorrow I should be going to pick my car up at some point.  I am also going to be going to see The Great Gatsby with my uncle. I am really looking forward to it as the adverts are making it look really good so that's going to be awesome. Thursday two members of my family from Ireland are coming over and Friday is my nans funeral. I think this week is going to be a really long week. But on Saturday I get to ride Gatsby then I am helping out for the afternoon. Sundays we are going to an all you can eat chinese buffet then my irish family are going home. Tomorrow I also need to do more revision as I am trying to make sure I do a little bit each day. 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream 

Pony club - handling

Monday, 20 May 2013
I love ponyclub I get to spend time with Gatsby and learn new things which is always great fun. Today we were working on handling we spent a while grooming. Gatsby liked this because it meant that he could get pampered and go to sleep! We spent quite a while doing it. We then had a break we liked this because it involved juice and cakes!! I like cakes. 

When we had done this we moved on to doing handling. This was awesome it was like doing an in hand show. It was so fun and I cant wait to do more Gatsby reacted really well because of Gatsbys martingale we used the lunge bridle that had got vettie's bit in it. Fiona showed us how to check that the bridle would fit Gatsby and what to do to change it. Fiona asked if I had ever done in hand work and I said no.  I think that I picked it up really well. We started off just doing simple things like working on walking at a nice rhythm we then moved on to the trot for some reason I just found this really easy. So fiona suggested that I tried making it so when I moved my inside leg Gatsbys inside leg moved. We got a couple if strides of this which I was really surprised about the few sides we did get were amazing. It was totally harmony ans floating and it felt so good I can not wait to do more of this and learn more about it. 

We then moved on to standing on the centre line and getting the horses to go backwards. Fiona demonstrated on Gatsby and in his typical style be tried to bite her showing off his more grumpy side. He tried it half heartedly once got told off and knew better than to try it again. We then tried going sideways and Gatsby amazed me by just doing it you didn't even need to ask him he just did it. It's moments like this that horses show how truly amazing and intelligent they are. It fascinates me how they're mind works and I cant wait to learn more about what I call one of my best friends Gatsby. 

I also organised that on Saturday I can stay and help out again in the afternoon which is something that I always enjoy doing. Horses just chill me out. Last night and this morning I did some more revision and tomorrow I plan to do more while I am waiting in Stoke. I have to take my car to a garage there while it is under warranty as it's kept telling me that the engine is over heating. Hopefully they will be bale to sort it while my mum and I are there but they don't know how long it is going to take we have to leave mine by 7 so tomorrow is going to be a long day. 

So now im off to sleep.
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A Girl With A Dream 

The future is looking up

Sunday, 19 May 2013
So much fun recently yesterday I had a great ride on Gatsby and see generally fun day at the stables when I first got there fiona asked if I was going to the workshop on leg yielding and shoulder in that afternoon. I said that I would like to and fiona and Elaine said that if I wanted to i could stay and help for the afternoon.

My ride on Gatsby was amazing I love it. I spent half an hour grooming Gatsby. When I got on he seemed quite lazy to start with so I decided to carry a crop in the walk he was dropping nicely in to the outline he was really stepping under the with his hind leg. We moved on to the trot and did some trot poles he was really stepping under himself ans he was really floaty he felt amazing. We quickly moved on to the canter to start with I wasn't using enough leg so I wasn't getting anything other than a fancy faster trot. I then decided that I was going to ask for the canter and mean it and boy was the change in him amazing. We git quicker smoother transitions that were nice to ride and I was better at keeping him going. We did an exercise where fiona shouted out when she wanted me to trot and canter to start with she would say between two markers then as I was getting quicker better transitions she started shouting when to change at a specific marker. The final one that we did was canter at E trot at A canter at B and trot again at C it was tiring and hard work but I enjoyed it. We then went back to trot went over the poles picked up canter and went large. To end with we did walk to canter transitions we then had two canter poles set up with one stride inbetween the two. The first time Gatsby jumped the pole and I became really unbalanced the second time I was expecting up and was really able to work with him and not against him and towards the end I was counting strides and using my jump seat to become more balanced over the poles. I really enjoyed it and can't wait to be able to start jumping Gatsby again it is going to be so much fun. I can't wait.

I then had my lunch, and went to watch one of the lessons half way through we had to switch horses because Daisy who is a new horse there started throwing in books and was becoming really grumpy.  At one point she turned her back to Fiona and was attempting to kick her. Whether she stays or now will be interesting to see. I then helped Elaine to hang the hay nets for fionas horses and put Gatsby away after his last lesson. I put his and Rosie's rug on and helped Kelly to feed the horses. I then got to turn out with Elaine and sort out skipping out stables and putting the hay nets up. It was great fun and I really enjoyed it.

The workshop in the afternoon was great. We got to see fiona ride her horse Vettie who is a grand prix level horse. To start with she showed us the shoulder in the was really easy to see how she makes the movements to get Vettie to move. She also showed us the difference between half pass and leg yielding. Something that Gatsby and I can often get mixed up. It was amazing to see how just the most subtle movement can change what you are doing. We also got to see the more extended canter and trot it looked amazing.  He was so floaty and gorgeous. the most important thing that I learnt was how important my stomach muscles are and that while for so long I can use other muscles instead of my stomach muscles it is more important that I use my stomach muscles. So I am going to work really hard to strengthen my stomach muscles.

Tomorrow I am going out with Dean and sue then in the evening I have got pony club I can not wait it is going to be amazing. More pony time!! I love spending time with horses. Which leads me to what could be a new change. Now that I have left school fiona has said that I am more than welcome to stay and help. Also that I might be able to ride Gatsby more which in the long run will definitely help me to strengthen muscles but also to keep more consistent. which in this sport is so important. I also might be able to hack out Gatsby. I am so excited at what they futures hold.

Until Next Time
A Girl With A Dream


Friday, 17 May 2013

Until Next Time
A Girl With A Dream

One more day of school

Thursday, 16 May 2013
Only one more day of school and two exams.  This year has gone so fast it seems like it has been ten minutes since I was filling in application forms and deciding what university that I wanted to go to. Now im planning how to get the best grades to make sure I am accepted to uni. People say that as you get older time passes quicker. 

Tomorrow is my last day ever at school. Tonight i put my false nails on so writing this post is taking forever but I love them they are the same colour as my dress and they sparkle so I love this. Tomorrow I will be in school for three hours in the morning then I will come home and go to the hair dressers. I don't know how long I will be at the hair dressers for as I am having my hair cut, washed and dried then I am having it pinned and curled. Then when I get home Evie should be at mine, shell then do my make up and I might do her make up I don't know we will wait and see. Then on the evening I go back to school to get some year photos but also to get some group photo with a couple of my mates. we then go to pride park for a meal and some presentations then it will be time to turn the music up and party! It's going to be a good but very tiring day. 

Saturday I get to see Gatsby again. I will have the lessons to myself because Jaimie-Leigh has to revise for her exams something that I will be doing a lot of over the next few weeks. Now I need am early night as tomorrow is going to be a really long day. 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream 

DIY, Driving and seeing Family

Tuesday, 14 May 2013
I am finally curled up in bed watching tv with my ever so cuddly dog. Angel is funny she doesn't like people coming in the house and will bark for hours if someone different comes to the house. But when it's just us in the house she is so dopey and stuff shell curl up with us and give everyone cuddles she's a great little dog. 

This morning I went to fetch a desk that i had reserved off argos' website. We picked it up and then came the fun part putting it together. Now DIY I am not very good at so I had to get my mum to help me put it together. So it is now up in my room. 

Today I got to see my nephew and my sister again and he is starting to be one cheeky little fella. When he's doing something wrong he knows that he is and gets this looks on his face it is the same thing that happens when you tell him no. He knows the difference between being right or wrong, and he's really clever. Earlier he kept walking I'm to what was my nans part of the house and looking everywhere for her it was really sad he couldn't understand it. In the end we all just chilled in my nans bedroom for a while. 

Today I went for two drives i did indeed earlier in hat involved more hills and was a little bit more challenging as it involved new and different roads. Then this evening I took my bother to Asda to get some energy drinks then I thought that we would just be coming straight back, I was wrong. He decided that he wanted to see more of my driving so I took him for a drive to. He was really nice and said that my driving had changed a lot and that I had improved and wasn't 'as slow and boring as before, I was faster and smoother' now this is the closest to a compliment that I will get off my brother so I thought that was really nice. 

Tomorrow I have a full day in school its going to be a long day but there are only 2 more days of school left. 

Until Next Time
A Girl With A Dream 

University and horses

Monday, 13 May 2013
An action packed day today, this morning I had an interview at the university, because of my long term chronic pain I am entitled to disability students allowance. So I had to have an interview for it the only downside was that the interview lasted two hours. I drove there and my mum drove my car home then she came back to get me at the end of the interview. The person who was asking the questions was really nice because she made things very informal it was like having a chat with somebody. She had to ask all about my stomach and what I've done to help keep my stomach pain down but to keep studying to my maximum capabilities. In the end we came up with a really good plan the first thing that we have put in to plan are, for my lectures and seminars I will have a digital verse record so that I can record things ans play them back to myself this is something that I think will be really helpful, to go with this is a computer software called inspiration. This software is good for plotting photo shoots and essays. I can create my mind maps, spider diagrams etc and add my photographs to them as well as voice notes from the lectures. I also will get a programme that is to help with proof reading and things like this. The programme will read to you what you have typed and do loads of other really clever thinsg for for example if you highlight something and click search it will open up an Internet Web Page. The icing on the cake is that I will also be getting as long as it is approved an apple I mac. This is all really exciting things at the minute.  

I then drove my sister and nephew back to my house and just chilled at home for a bit. The it was time for my first ponyclub meeting. We are working on the grooming badge so keep got to spend an hour grooming Gatsby and really making him shine I loved it and I also got to make him glitter this was because Elaine had got a tube of glitter to use on the horses. It was so fun. We then did a quiz at the end and Jaimie Leigh and I got all the questions right. I got to turn Gatsby out and because I had spent ages grooming him the first thing that he did was run around and roll in the dirt.

I'm going to end this post with some pictures because I'm feeling really tired so tomorrow i will go in to more detail about how pony club went with the lovely Gatsby. 

As promised pictures of my drive and where I have to park on the picture below you can see what I mean about it being a tight space to park in. It is really difficult. 

You can just see a tiny part of my car hiding behind the hedge out of all of us inbthe house I have the hardest place to park in 

lastly one very shiny Gatsby 

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A Girl With A Dream 

Driving fun.

Sunday, 12 May 2013
This morning I got to have a lie in, because the past week I haven't been sleeping well and I have been feeling tired 24/7 even though I have been sleeping quite a lot its strange. Today I went for a two hour drive my mum decided that the route I normally go on was becoming to easy for me to drive so she wanted to challenge me a bit more. I went to Matlock and on the way I remembered that today was the last day of the chatsworth horse trials. I thought that by driving through chatsworth I would be able to see the horses. Turns out that I couldn't as they were on the other side of the hall. It was so annoying. But I had a really good drive and the drive back was fun too. The route contained lots of bends and twists in it as well as lots of ups and downs, it really got me thinking about what gears I needed to be in and when I needed to change gear. I had a really good drive and enjoyed doing it. 

When we got in my uncle was nearly and so was a family friend to see my mum. So I couldn't reverse in to my space as I knew I wouldn't be able to get the right angle. So I left it parked on the first part of my drive. we then came in the house and I helped my mum to get the evening meal ready. We chatted with Martin for a while and then he had to go to get his dinner ready. We had our tea and I then decided that I would reverse my car in it took me a fair while but I eventually managed to do it. I wanted to get other perfect and that meant that I had to attempt it a couple of the times but I did eventually manage to do it. I'm really shocked that I can park on my drive because my older sister will never park on my drive and if she does she normally asks my mum to do it for her. 

Tomorrow I have a university meeting to do with my long term chronic pain its going to take up to two hours so it could be a fairly long day then in the evening I have my first ponyclub meeting. I am buzzing I can't wait for some more horse time and the chance to learn more things about horses. So tomorrow I will have a horse related post. 

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A Girl With A Dream 

It doesn't rain it pours.

Saturday, 11 May 2013
I got to see Gatsby today and my uncle got to meet Gatsby. Today was my weekly lesson. When we got there it looked like the sun was going to come out, it had been raining earlier but there were blue skies and even a bit of sunshine. I groomed Gatsby and tacked him up and even got to get on him early. When I got on him he initially seemed to be quite lazy which we were expecting as he is now turned out at night. We spent some time warming up getting both Gatsby and me to stretch and loosen up. After the week I have had it felt so good to be back in the saddle. We spent quite a long time walking doing transitions. We then tried doing turn on the forehand and it went so well. For those of you that have been reading my blog for a while you will know that I tried doing this before but Gatsby kept backing up and me so we never successfully managed it. Well we did today he was great. Going to the right he was a bit stiffer to start with her just kept backing up. However when over exaggerating the movements he really got the idea of what I wanted to do. 

We then moved on to the trot work. To start with he was lazy, so I decided that I would carry my crop well the minute I held it we had a forward Gatsby he was willing to move and I don't think that I actually needed to use it. We did several transitions and then moved on to doing trotting poles he really picked up his feet and I was surprised to see how much of an improvement there was with both in me and Gatsby. He was forward and flowing. After we had dome this for a while we moved on to doing some canter work to start with it was awful. And at the same time a shower started. I was losing the front end and because of this I was losing the canter. When I held my hands just a little bit higher I got a nice smooth canter from Gatsby he listened to my leg and when he thought about breaking the canter I was persistent and kept my leg on him and he kept going. My riding teacher then decided that we would do some walk trot transitions. To start with I just couldn't quite get it however I then had a light bulb moment and I managed one then another, then another. However we had to call an end to our lesson. It was chucking it down, the rain was ice cold, there were Gail force winds it was just horrible. So I jumped off and fiona, Gatsby and I ran to his stable and hid in it we untacked him quickly and put him a fleece cooler on the poor guy was shivering so much I felt so sorry for him. I gave him big cuddles and we legged it to the tack room we all waited for the rain to stop a bit and then ran and got in my car. I drove back and the roads were flooding so I had to be really careful but we were soon back and warm in the house. 

This afternoon I went for a drive I put some petrol in my car, and went for a drive we didn't go too far as I was still pretty cold and tired but it was enough to get me going on new roads and up and down hills. We then had something to eat and my mum helped me to dye my hair. With the ball being at the end of next week I've re-dyed my hair purple again. We decided to do it a week before to give the dye time to settle and give me enough time to get any excess dye out of my hair. Then on Friday Katie is going to curl my hair and Evie is going to do my make up. I can't believe how quickly this is going. 

On Monday I have my first ponyclub meeting and I can not wait!! 

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Lunches out, revision and photography

Thursday, 9 May 2013
Today has been a really good day I haven't done much but I am happy with what I have done. This morning my pony club joining pack arrived, it came with a badge, a tie, about all the different activities, about the different levels of efficiency tests as well as a cool rosette to go on my horse wall. 

This afternoon my dad, mum, uncle rob and I went to Horsley lodge for lunch, we went to try the food as this is where we are going to go after the funeral. I had this really nice cagun chicken with sweet potatoes wedges both things that I have never had before. They were both so nice and I enjoyed having them. My mum had a mushroom linguine and so did my uncle and my dad had a chicken ceasar salad.  We all enjoyed it then this afternoon I drove myself to school and had textiles revision first most people were looking for the fashion show photos but seen as I didn't do it I don't bother looking at them and instead got on with doing some textiles revision. I got given questions and the answers to copy out so that I could test myself at home as well as in school. I spent an hour doing this and managed to copy up the majority of the questions but I will continue doing that tomorrow. 

I then had my English lesson to start with we looked at past papers over the past three years and then we moved on to playing a game but it was a revision game. Most of us stood up it started with one person and they had to say a quote and then pick another person. This person said who was saying the quote and then a quote of their own. When you didn't get things right you then had to sit down. Instead of playing the game I started sitting down and wrote down some of the best quotes. It was a good way to revise and I really liked it. 

When I got home I watched TV for a while and played some games on my laptop. Then my mum took me for a drive and I managed to get up some hills without stalling on them. I then came down the A38 and went around one of the big round abouts that I was worries about doing. We then went in to a car park and practiced parking and reversing around corners. We also did a couple attempts at a 3 point turn. I didn't find them as hard as i thought I was going to do them. I then reversed on to my drive, I will post a picture of my drive tomorrow showing where I park and how hard it is to park on my drive. It took me a bit longer today as it was slippy and raining but I did eventually manage it and that's all that really matters. 

Tomorrow I am in school for an hour and a half because my lessons in the afternoon has been cancelled but my textiles lesson first thing is still on. Then I might help my mum and uncle do the shopping. I know that I have to go to my youth group because one of the people there needs me to take pictures of the youth group for a newsletter type thing and a bulletin board. It will be interesting to see how the photographs turn out but until tomorrow. 

A Girl With A Dream 

A day full of different activities

Wednesday, 8 May 2013
Today hasn't been a long day but things tend to feel really surreal at the moment. I went to get my dress this morning and it now fits perfectly. So I have my prom dress sorted. I them went straight to school. My first lesson was textiles theory, the first half of the lessons I spent working on a past paper and the
second half I saw the fashion show photos from last night. I thought insight regret not doing it but I am sure that it was the right thing to do. In my textiles I felt like I learned quote a lot and I am starting to feel more prepared for the exams that are coming up. It was then lunch time and i was supposed to do some work, then I would go to my English lessons, however much english lessons was cancelled because of moderation. So my mum came to pick me up and we went for my driving practice. I did the route that I normally do but this time I did it backwards now my mum was going to let me do the simpler route but I decided I didn't want to the only down side to this was the amount of hills they were I was nervous but I didn't mind this. I needed the practice and the hills were not to bad so that was a good start I stalled once but I'd never done an uphill start so I wasn't too worried about this. I then decide that I really wanted to go round starbucks and pick up a frappachino well I decided that it would be a great idea to park in the space that was on a hill not only that but I was going to have to reverse uphill I didn't struggle to reverse but I did struggle to do the uphill start but I got there in the end. Then when I got home I decided that I was going to reverse my car in to my parking space now my drive is a tight s shape the first part of my drive is on a slope and my dad has the easy job as all he has to do is drive into the garage. However my mum and I have to park at the side of the garage so for the past few weeks my mum has been reversing my car in however today I decided that I wanted to reverse in today and I was so happy when I realised that I managed to do it as it's something that one expected it to be weeks before I could do it.

We have set a date for my nans funeral it will be on the 24th of may so there's two weeks til it will take place. I've got a dress sorted that should have arrived by now. I told Evie the date and as she is classed as family she will come in the limo cars with the rest of the main family. It's also been sorted that my cousins from Ireland will be coming over to. I haven't seen them in a few years so while it is not happy circumstances I am looking forward to seeing them both. They might also get to meet Gatsby!!

This evening Evie text me asking if I minded if she came round to mine I said no. When she turned up she told me that she is happier at my house than anywhere else and I thought that this was really sweet. She has planned her outfit that she will wear and it is a coral colour another one of my nans favourites we spent the evening chilling out watching TV and playing on games neither of us are going through a good times at the moment so it's nice that we are both their for each other but we can also distract each other. She hasn't been having a good time at home so I'm glad that she knows that she can come to mine whenever.

Tomorrow I don't go in to school until 2pm. This means that i will probably drive in the morning and do some revision in the morning as well. But I really don't know because at the minute the house is so busy with everyone coming and going. its good though because it is keeping my mum busy and distracted for 12 years my mum has looked after my nan. So while the majority of us can go back to something that is relatively 'normal' there will not be a normal for my mum so when the house gets less busy is when the full impact will hit my mum. Tomorrow we have someone coming over from the church.

Now to end the post with two pictures of my prom dress.

Excuse the double chin I was looking down and had my head tilted forwards . Also excuse my really messy room.

I love this picture it shows really well why I wanted this dress. The fact that it makes my waste smaller. I also love the beading detail as it draws the eye away from my stomach.

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Textiles Project - Photographs

Tuesday, 7 May 2013
My skin looks so pale, I'm naturally really pale some pictures show it and other pictures don't this one does.

Another side view to show my loss of weight, but you can also see the baggy harem  pants that cover the legs up for the more weight conscious dancer but also allowed movement.
Funny Angle, mum took these pictures at an angle because when I am taking pictures I often take them at an odd angle.
Don't look quite as pale but I love the framing that goes around this picture. 
I just like this photo because you can see all the different colours but you don't see all the different garments.

These are steps that are in my garment the steps allowed me to take pictures in a different pose but also allowed me to show the contrast between the bright, bold and vivid colours that I use and the natural colours that you see on a daily basis. It's days like this that you can see my artistic side.

Love the pink look that my hair has in this picture (it's due to be re-dyed soon). I look bigger in this photo because I am slouching forwards but I still like this picture. 
This picture is a great picture that shows my weight loss. I look bigger because I'm taking it at an awkward angle, but the purple trousers should now be seen through the lace because the brown yoke should have been at the same place as the purple trousers. Because of the weight that I have lost the whole dress dropped down. 
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A Girl With A Dream

A long 24 hours now all I want to do is sleep

The past 24 hours have been long and tiring. After I put my post up yesterday Evie decided that she was going to stay for the night again, however she needed to ring her granddad and let him know that she wouldn't be coming over. For half an hour she tried ringing him and he didn't answer so Evie started to really worry so we decided to go and check on him and it was a good job that we did because when we turned up we found him lying on the floor in the garden he'd fallen over and he had been there for five hours. To cut a long story short we rang her mum and her mum rang an ambulance. Her granddad went to A&E he had xrays and hasn't broken anything. But they are going to keep him in for a while to run some tests and keep an eye on him. Evie still stayed at mine again last night and we tried to cheer each other up. We stayed up til about midnight and then went to bed it was my turn to crash and fall asleep instantly. This morning Evie was up before me we decided that I would go into school for my last lesson. So this morning Evie and I just played on games. We then went for a drive and the great thing was that I didn't stall ans its been a few days since I have stalled. I just really chilled out and enjoyed driving it was fun and having queen on the radio definitely helped. 

This afternoon I went in to school and it ended up being the biggest waste of time ever. Tonight is the schools fashion show for the textiles students. I should have been doing it but I am so tired and just decided that I didn't want to do it and I really didn't have the energy to do it. I thought that our textiles lesson was going to be revision which would have really helped me nut I guessed wrong all we did was move chairs ans tables setting up for the school fashion show. When we could have spent time actually learning. Urghh talk about annoying! When I got in I took my dad out for a drive now my dad has always said that he wouldn't get in a car with me until after I have passed my driving test. Well today I decided to offer and he said yes. we went for a drive and I only stalled once which to say I was nervous I was pretty impressed with. He helped me a bit more with changing my gears and things like that but he didn't try telling me what to do. 

Now I am off to do some of music revision 

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A Girl With A Dream 

A tiring day.

Monday, 6 May 2013
Today's post isn't going to be very long. Feelings in the house are weird and it has a peculiar atmosphere to it at the minute. After I posted last night I headed to bed for an early night. It was one of the best nights sleep that I've had in a while However at about 8:30 this morning my mum woke me up to tell me that my nan was no longer in pain because she had gone now. No one really said anything all morning it was filled with everyone trying to keep themselves busy. At around lunchtime my mum took me out for my drive in my car. It involved lots of hills but also lots of traffic because today is a bank holiday. It got me used to working through the gears as well as stopping and starting. 

My mums ordered me a chocolate brown dress for my nans funeral as I don't have any formal clothing and chocolate brown or tan and black were my nans favourite colours. Tonight I don't know what the plan is. I'm going to have a chinese as i haven't really eaten all day. I'm not sure whether Evies staying for the night again. One of my uncles has gone back home and is coming back tomorrow I think. but you never really know with him. 

I also spent some time cleaning my car and Evie cleaned hers so now we both have nice and shiny cars.  

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A Girl With A Dream 

Ball make up sorted and quality time with my best friend who is practically family.

Sunday, 5 May 2013
Well I finally got round to putting the pictures up that I've wanted to put up for the last few days. Today's been a day full of activities including woke up quite late this morning so I went as soon as I was awake to get my pink filing cabinet that is going to be for the next few years at uni. I then drove back and had a longer nap I just felt so tired and with my ears hurting I didn't get much sleep last night. My mum came back to wake me up when my sister arrived. For a while we just sat in my nans bedroom talking so that my nan knew that she had got some company and that we wanted to sit with her. After a while I gave my sister some space with my nan and Evie rang to tell me that she was just about to have a shower and then head to mine. She asked if my sister would stay until she got there and my sister agreed. We went outside when Evie got here to play football with brody. Now for those of you that know me will know that I used to play football but I haven't in several years. Eventually I just got bored of playing so I used the opportunity to take some more pictures of Brody for my sister. 

Mum and I decided that after we had all had something to eat that I could go for a drive. Now the last time Evie came With me was when I went to pick up the car and ny driving was rubbish however today she said that my driving was very food and that it had changed and calmed down over the past two weeks. so that made me feel happier. We then spent time sorting out our sixth form ball hair and makeup ideas and then we put a film on. Which Evie fell asleep while watching. 

Tomorrow I am going to spend more time with Evie and we are going to clean both the cars (hers and mine). We are then going to head to one of the big boots shops to get some make up for the sixth form ball. Then in Wednesday I get to try my dress on again hehe I can not wait. Hopefully it will be ready for me to just bring home as the ball is in just under two weeks time. Not long to go now. 

Tomorrow there are more pictures to come but Evies snoring is making me want to go to sleep.
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A Girl With A Dream 

post one of two - photographs

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Day one of a busy weekend.

Saturday, 4 May 2013
I didn't wake up today until jst before I had got my lesson with Gatsby recently I haven't been sleeping well so I asked my mum if I slept in to wake me up as late as possible. I drove to west hallam riding centre without stalling which was great. It started off well then I got to spend time riding Gatsby and he was so sweet because he doesnt like things near his face however he let me put my poorly early against his cheek and for a while we just stood there as it was making the pain feel less he was blocking the cold. as silly as it sounds it was like he knew my ear was hurting me. 

When we got on it felt so good to be back in the saddle after having a week off. You could tell that I had had a week off. When we started off we spent some time working long and low getting the horses to really stretch we stayed in the walk for about 15 minutes picking up an outline towards the end he was a lite bit lazy but we changed that by doing lots of transitions it was really good. We made sure when doing the transitions he stayed in an outline. We then moved on to doing some rising trot. Now for some reason I was really struggling to get Gatsby in to an outline I think this was because I'm still having problems with my left leg but it is definitely looser than it was. Eventually I did get some nice outline work but you could tell that it was going to be one of those days that I struggled to do it. We moved on to doing some riding without stirrups working mainly in sitting trot but making sure to do plenty of transition and guess what without my stirrups it was so easy to get Gatsby into an outline. he just did it. He felt good but I think that he could have been more forward but after having a week off I was just glad to be back in the saddle. My horse time made me feel so much more chilled out and relaxed. It was great. I then went for a drive with my mum and did some reversing and driving without stalling. 

When we got back my sister was here so I spent some time with her but then mum took my nephew Brody in to the garden so I went with her to take some pictures and give my sister and my nan some time alone. I got some really nice photos that will be in a post that I do tomorrow. After they left I went for another drive as I needed to put some petrol in my car. My uncle came to and other than Evie it was the first trip I did out with another person in my car other than my mum. When we got back he said that I did really well with my gear changes and that my driving was fairly smooth this made my day as I know my driving hasn't been great recently. 

Tonight we have no night sitter for my nan so both my uncles are stopping for the night and I dear say that my mum will be up all night keeping an eye on my mum. Tomorrow my sister is coming over again to visit my nan as the doctors have confirmed that she hasn't got many days left to live. My mums agreed that if anything happens during the night she will wake me up but she will also ring my sister so that she can come over. Tomorrow Evie is also coming around we are going to look at some hairstyles for the sixth form ball and practice make up ideas on each other I'm sure there will be plenty of pictures of that to come. In the early afternoon I am also going to do some more revision as I just really want to do well and prove to everyone that I can do well in exams.

In the next post I do there will be videos of my riding, pictures of my cat and pictures of my family from the past few days. It'll be a picture filled post with not many words in it. 

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A Girl With A Dream 

Horse time tomorrow and a night with my best mate.

Friday, 3 May 2013
Today has been another long day but I am ending it with my best, mate so that is making me feel better. When I woke up this morning I couldn't feel all down the side of my face that I've got the ear infections on and when I tried to lie on that side of my face it made me really hurt. So my doctor extended the amount of time that I will need to need be on antibiotics and the ear drops. 

Then my mum took me to get another new folder so that I now have a folder for my English revision as well as my textiles revision. I also got to refill note pads so that when I'm making notes I can take the Page out of the pad and put it in my folder so that I know everything is together. As I tend to lose sheets and things like that. Then I decided to do some more revision for both my textiles and English classes. I really want to get the best grades that I can so that I can still go to university this October to do my photography course. I'm really trying hard to do the things that one want to do even though it's going to be harder for me to do it now that I have dropped art but I'm one of those people that when you challenge me I'm likely to come out fighting just to prove that person wrong. That's just the personality that I have. 

I then watched some tv with my dad and uncle's before one of my uncles took me to get a new pair of shoes. people that know me will tell you that shoes don't tend to last with me for that long. However I made my favourite pair of flats last for over a year, however today I decided that they really needed to go in the bin. So my uncle took me to get a new pair of ballet flats while my mum took my brother into the middle of Derby. I found a pair of shoes really quickly and I cant wait to start wearing them. 

After that I had my dinner and text my best mate to see if she would be at the youth group I go to tonight because If she wasn't going to be there then I wasn't going to go. But she says she was going to be and that she had got a surprise for me. When I got there she said the first surprise was that she has got her braces of now and the second was that she wanted to know if on Sundays she could come round to mine then stop for the night so they we can plan our hairstyles and make up for the prom. Then we will spend tome just chilling out on Monday I love spending time with my best mate it always makes me feel better.

Now on to an update on my nan. She's still alive and kicking but is getting weaker and weaker every single day. She hasn't eating in a week and not drank anything properly in a few days. Even though she didn't want one she now has a catheter fitted and it's a good job that she has got one. For the past two days all that she has done is sleep. Even in her sleep we can tell when her relaxant/sedative wears off because even in her sleep she is becoming quite restless and very disturbed. So the nurses have to keep giving her injections to make her comfier and happier and this is the most important thing to all of us, that she is happier and comfier.  

Evie who has known me for 8 years knows me better than most people and knows that I am struggling with everything that is going on. Evie is basically my family she calls my house and room our house and room. My mum and dad she calls mummy 2 and daddy 2 she is my family and will always be a part of my family. She works damn hard to make sure everyone else is happy and nearly always puts herself last, when I've been ill she's just come and spent time with me. She has visited me in hospital and is one of the only people I would trust with my life. So when she could see that one was struggling with everything that is going on at the minute she said that we could leave early and just come home and watch some films. For ages we just sat in my nans room talking to each other and to my nan about things that are going on at the minute. Now we are chilling watching the film hot fuzz before Evie has to go home. 

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A Girl With A Dream 
P.S I get to ride Gatsby tomorrow!! 

Just taking one day at a time.

Thursday, 2 May 2013
Today has been another long day, because we had a night sitter I said I would have the dog because Angel is very over protective and will bark continually til the person has left the house. She kept me nice and warm but cause she new my mum was up every couple of hours she decided she would wake me up. But I was happy cause my mum made it through the night without waking me up.

Today I didn't go to school until this afternoon because I had got frees so ll I had was English and textiles this afternoon. So my mum and I went for a drive and it was the first time that I drove without stalling I was buzzing about it. I am really starting to get used to my car and the gears and it is a super fun little car to drive. Then in school we were just revising for my final exams in both my subjects. I have to admit that I am really nervous about the exams as there is a lot riding on the results that I get from these exams. English was okay but my teacher came to the lesson half an hour late. So to start with we all had nothing to do. Textiles was good as we looked at a past paper then Mrs Swan read us the mark scheme and I decided that to get it in my mind I would then re answer the question so that I can use the answers as a form of revision. As I do really want to get the best grades possible.

Tonight is going to be another long night as during the course of the day you could see my name just going rapidly down hill. However we do have the night sitter out tonight so that's really helpful. Tomorrow is a non school uniform day and I'm not going in until 2pm for my English lessons. I've got a notebook and folders for all the revision that I am going to do and I have decided I will spend an hour a day alternating between English and textiles revision as we have just over a month until the final exam. 

At the minute my posts are going robbery fairly short as with everything that's going on at the minute I don't feel like writing a long post. I love writing my blog but at the minute my post is going to need fairly short. Saturday I get to see Gatsby so I will have a longer post with pictures. 

Tomorrow will be a photo filled post, you'll have to wait and see what it's about though. 

Until Next Time 
A Girl With A Dream 

Who knows what the future will bring

Wednesday, 1 May 2013
Yesterday was a long day where everyone was running on high emotions not only was in on edge because of the things going on with my Nan but I also had to go and see the doctor for myself. Some how I have managed to get two ear infections in one ear and an ear infection building up in my other ear now I am prone to early infections so I wasn't really worried to start with however as it kept getting more painful and uncomfy i decided that it was time to go and see my doctor so I have got to have antibiotics as well as ear drops.

This morning I drove to school and was buzzing about the fact that I drove without stalling. The school day was a long and fairly boring day I handed in two essays and got given another one to do. When I got home my sister had come to visit my nan even though all she is doing is sleeping. after this I took my car for a longer drive ans was really pleased with how my driving went.

Tonight my nan has got a night sitter but my mums gut feeling is that my nan might not make it through the night so i have asked my mum if anything happens to wake me up and she has agreed that she will do, if it was what I really wanted.

So for now I am going to curl up with Angel and try and get some sleep. Who knows what the night will bring but for now

Until Next Time
A Girl With A Dream